3 Sustainability Trends That Will Shape 2021



As the world transitions into a new era shaped by the events of 2020, consumers are holding business more accountable to how they spend their time and money, pushing them to develop more sustainable practices and invest in renewable initiatives.

1.      Increased awareness of our personal footprints

As we all spent more time inside many become more aware of the rubbish they produced.

Rubbish Removal Inner West  utilised sustainable recycling practices as many people chose to either responsibly dispose of their rubbish and hard to dispose of items of looked towards sustainable practices such as reducing their consumption of goods or reusing these items for new applications.


2.      Greater appreciation for our natural spaces


COVID-19 and the various lockdown restrictions may face led to many finding solace in their local parks and natural spaces. As such previously undervalue and underutilised spaces are finding themselves to be new community hubs where individuals spend their free time. This has also extended into greater expanses of natural space as we saw how quickly pollution levels dropped around the world. Many cities saw improved air quality due to reduced emissions and many urban waterways saw an improvement in water quality and sea life returning to areas previously deserted.


3.      Investment in Sustainable Practices

As more and more large corporations invest in sustainable practices there are an increasing amount of accessible investment options for consumers.  Sustainable markets have carried their momentum into this year showing them not only to be considerate of how we treat each other and the environment but showing proving to be financially competitive. As investment into renewable energy continues and governments continue working to climate positive targets such as the Paris agreement more and more money is looking to be invested into sustainable practices.