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3 Things to Avoid When Travelling to Pakistan

Pakistan is among those few countries that were once feared due to political disturbances and terrorism. However, it has been given a green signal as one of the safest countries for travelling after the new government has approached new strategies for the security of tourists. After the COVID-19 pandemic, new regulations and safety measures have been implied that can disrupt you’re travelling schedules if any emergency occurs. Although international travelling is restricted in UK, you can reschedule your trip if you are eager to visit Pakistan. If it is your first-ever trip to the land of heritage and rich history, make sure you consult with the right Pakistan travel agents to know what you can do there and what you cannot. Here are 3 of the main things to avoid according to the latest restrictions.

Local Travel

The authorities of Pakistan has strictly advised foreigners including tourists and diplomats to avoid travelling locally without proper security measures. Not only that, they should not change the city of their current residence without informing the local authorities of both cities about their departure and arrival so that proper security measures can be made. You must be careful about keeping all your documents with you all the time as you may be asked to provide a No objection certificate when you are travelling locally from city to city. Along with that, you should also consider the safest accommodations to maintain your security. 

Alcohol and Drugs

When you are in Pakistan, you cannot do a lot of things that you may do amenably in your country. Pakistan is an Islamic country with high cultural and religious values where things like taking drugs, consuming alcohol, and showcasing affection with your partner anywhere are considered a taboo. You can even go to jail if you are caught taking drugs or alcohol in public. A lot of 5-star hotels in the country have special bar areas for foreigners to entertain their needs. They have a proper license for keeping and providing alcohol to tourists and diplomats staying there. Do not get tricked if a local bribe you into buying a cheaper liquor as you may get yourself in huge trouble. Avoid hugging or holding hands with your partner in public as it may draw unwanted attention towards you.

Talking About Religion and Politics

A very serious problem with the locals of Pakistan is that they can be very touchy and rigid about their beliefs whether they are religious or political as the literacy rate is below average. The state has people with mixed thoughts. Some are liberals while the others are firm believers. Some are with a certain political party while others strongly oppose that party. You will often see people discussing their favorite political or religious parties. If you share a different belief, do not say it out loud. They will think that you are trying to preach a different form of religion. If you don’t want to be termed as someone preaching blasphemy, stay away from such discussions as much as you can.

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