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3 Things to Check When Getting Assisted Care for Parents

3 Things to Check When Getting Assisted Care for Parents 678b7437

Millions of elderly Americans over 65 live under assisted care. Despite being a popular housing option for most of them, it does not come easy for all families. It means that children have to put their parents away in the facilities to focus on other things in their lives, such as careers, education, and nuclear families. The assisted living facilities may not be the easiest decision to make for the seniors, but they remain suitable for those who can no longer live alone and have no help. The facilities invest in helping the seniors to lead healthy and stress-free lives despite their age.

When Is It Time for Assisted Living?

It is sad how most people wait until they cannot hold anymore before looking for assisted living services. It is advisable to remain proactive and look out for any signs to ensure timely access to assisted living care for seniors. Multiple signs should guide the seniors and their families about their readiness for assisted care. Highlighted below is a checklist that most people should look out for to determine their readiness for assisted living and that of their loved ones.

-When they need help with everything, including ADLs (Activities of Daily Living). Some of the ADLs include bathing, dressing, and mobility.

-When they show the need for more socialization opportunities

-When they can benefit from care coordination

-When a maintenance-free lifestyle becomes a priority

-When proper nutrition becomes a challenge for them

-When the care giver or relatives can no longer guarantee their long-term care

-When the caregiver recommends, they assisted living

-When close, people recognize changes in the seniors or their loved ones

-When the senior's families' physical and mental health starts suffering

-When the seniors or their loved ones identify most of the above signs, it is time to get assisted care

Getting a suitable facility may not be an easy task. With the proper guidelines, however, they should find the senior's most significant match. Below are the top 3 things people should check when getting assisted living for their elderly parents.

Quality Meals

Quality meals are essential in ensuring that the seniors get a balanced diet and keep them motivated. If they get quality meals similar to what they get at home, it boosts their immune system and enhances their quality of life besides preventing them from suffering from homesickness. The service seekers talk through the available dietary preferences and restrictions besides the meal portions.

In addition to going for facilities that offer quality meals in significant portions, the service seekers should also consider those that provide snacks out of mealtimes. Going for facilities that serve the senior's favourite meal at least once every week is also vital.

Keep it Closer to Home

Putting seniors under assisted care does not mean cutting contact with them. Their families should always visit them whenever they can, which makes a close facility ideal. People who choose facilities near their homes can easily see their seniors at any time and cost-effectively. They can also monitor and keep track of them easily in such facilities. The personality, work history, and professionalism of the person taking king care of the elderly is a vital consideration. They should have the required experience, patience and still be professional.

Memory Care

Seniors who have dementia or Alzheimer's disease should consider facilities with memory care services. The memory care package entails offering routines to lower stress occurrence among the residents with memory complications.

The services should be provided by trained personnel experienced in dealing with unique circumstances associated with Alzheimer's and dementia. Memory care also requires regular monitoring and check-ins by caregivers as the seniors navigate their lives at the facility.

The facility that people choose for their senior parents determine the quality of life that the latter lead. High quality of life translates to happier and stress-free lives, which allows them to live longer. Service seekers should thus be keen on the facility they choose for their loved ones to allow them the best last years on earth. If you are looking into getting qualified for elderly car, check out these aged care courses in Sydney.

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