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3 Things to Know About Industrial Printing

Industrial printing is a term given to printing that is not performed with the purpose of carrying any kind of promotional purpose in mind, and is instead carried out as part of a process of manufacture.

However industrial printing has evolved over the years and the term now includes a variety of different types of printing. Industrial printing can now refer to the process of printing on almost any type of surface and doing so in extremely large quantities. 

This includes the likes of computer keyboard keys and texts on any electronic device that help provide details of their function (such as an on/off switch). Industrial printing is not limited to being performed with ink and has many functions and uses. 

Machinery, processes and technology for industrial printing

There are a number of modern digital presses that are able to print on a wide array of substrates, with even inkjet now able to print on ceramics, textiles, wallpaper etc. 

Current inkjet tech is also the base for the great majority of today’s 3D printing applications, an area of industrial printing that is still very much in its infancy but will likely to become a force of nature within the printing industry once the tech is perfected and costs are reduced, which will take place sooner rather than later. 

Although making use of current equipment is a good way to start, ultimately businesses will have to invest in machinery and technology that is designed for these application types. Current tools and processes will also be fine to begin to explore the technology but tailor-made solutions for specific solutions that are being focused on will need to be invested in later on.

Industrial architecture

Industrial architecture tends to have a greater focus on functionality over that of aesthetics, and often includes the likes of exposed brick walls, steel beams and concrete floors as well as exposed utilities and materials. 

Industrial printing needs to take into account where designs are going to end up within examples of industrial architecture. Obviously one of the key considerations to take into account will be the visibility of the printing, such as safety signs for equipment etc, which need to be clear to the eye straight away. 

Certain industrial architecture can also be used in conjunction with industrial printing to create a 3D effect or a type of optical illusion. An optical illusion creates spaces via fusing together at least two spaces, though more spaces can be used, to create a false visual impression such as a forced perspective, which can make something appear taller than it actually is.

Enhancing products and packaging

Industrial printing can also play an important role in the enhancement of the visual appeal of products and packaging, for example in the way in which the product concerned is displayed. 

Structural and graphic design can result in a product or packaging that catches the eye and ensures maximum appeal while enhancing the value of a product. Cardboard packaging, printed boxes, screen printed boards and printed tape are all examples of products where industrial printing can help to increase the visual appeal.

Industrial printing can be functional and decorative and is of great importance to both the aesthetic appeal and usefulness of products and packaging. 
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