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3 Types of Lawyers and When You Need Them

No two lawyers are exactly the same. In fact, there are dozens of legal specialties that attorneys work in to serve a large variety of people, organizations, and even governments. If you think you need a lawyer but aren't sure about the different types of attorneys out there, read on to discover three common types of attorneys and why you may need them.

1. Personal Injury Lawyers

If you get hurt in a car accident, during medical treatment due to medical errors, or at work, the first thing you'll want to do is contact a personal injury lawyer in your area. These attorneys are trained to advocate for you in ways you might not be aware of. Not only can they help you when it comes to filing a personal injury claim and understanding your legal rights, but personal injury attorneys can ensure that future medical expenses, career changes, and more are compensated for. These attorneys specialize in all types of accidents, too.

Perhaps you live in San Jose and got hurt at work, suffering a traumatic brain injury. You or your family members would want to do a Google search like "San Jose personal injury attorney" to get in touch with a lawyer specializing in helping accident victims and offering legal advice garnered from their specialized law degree. In doing this, you'd be ensuring your best chance at a favorable verdict in your personal injury lawsuit.

2. Human Rights Advocates and Administrative Lawyers

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Administrative lawyers are much different from personal injury attorneys. Instead of helping you after a truck accident involving a drunk driver or even a workplace accident, these lawyers work at the governmental level to ensure fairness and compassion for all people. For example, Malliha Wilson is an administrative attorney who's devoted her entire career to ensuring that people are treated fairly in the workplace. Wilson is a Tamil Canadian lawyer who served as the Assistant Deputy Attorney General of Ontario. She was the first minority to hold that office. Wilson currently works in Toronto. If social justice is something you're passionate about and you've experienced discrimination of yourself or others, an administrative lawyer like Wilson or advocacy group would be best suited to help.

3. Criminal Defense Lawyers

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If you've been accused of a crime, the first thing you'll want is a criminal defense attorney. Conversely, as a crime victim, you'd want to talk to the prosecutor or an attorney working in the prosecutor's office. These skilled lawyers are often the ones the average person sees on television. They spend their time proving a person's guilt or innocence and work hard to assure justice is done after an alleged crime.

Criminal law attorneys work closely with law enforcement in the communities they serve. Unlike corporate attorneys who handle civil cases like disputes between landlords and tenants, criminal lawyers work solely toward the pursuit of justice. For this reason, people accused of a crime often rely heavily on their attorney's advice to navigate their cases and avoid tough punishments for crimes.

At the end of the day, no matter why you might need legal representation, it's a good idea to understand what your attorney specializes in to be sure you're getting the best representation out there. Whether you hire a lawyer to collect punitive damages on your behalf through a personal injury law firm or you seek the best in defense from a criminal defense lawyer, knowing your attorney's background is a great idea. Best of luck in your legal situation, and don't forget to read up on your attorney ahead of time for the best result.

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