3 Ultra-Modern Pedestal Fans for Your Home


Summers are all about relaxing in an air-conditioned room and hogging on your favorite ice-cream and sipping on a chilled milkshake. When the weather is sweltering outside, you can't only rely on air conditioning to cool your place due to high electricity bills, and you need more pocket-friendly options. A high speed pedestal fan can feel like a lifesaver. These fans are electrically driven and are used to circulate the cool breeze around your house.

The weather can get extremely humid in tropical countries like India, which is why it is advisable to invest in a high-speed pedestal fan. All you need is a power outlet for the fan to run, so you can use it in any room of your house.

What is a high speed pedestal fan?

They are fans with long detachable stands and can be moved in any direction. Their efficient performance and instant cooling make them an ideal choice for households across India. These fast, oscillating fans can cool down any space in your home.


Why You Need a High Speed Pedestal Fan?

By investing in a high speed pedestal fan, your summer days at home and workplace will be more comfortable. Here are the benefits of using a high speed pedestal fan:

·         Easy and Effortless to Use and Move

These fans are portable and can be easily moved from one place to another as per your need and convenience. They are easy to use and install too!

·         Multi-Functional

The fact that a high speed pedestal fan can be used for many things is one of the best things about pedestal fans. For instance, you can use a high speed pedestal fan to keep cool in the kitchen, and also to dry your handmade pizza.

·         Modern Designs

You can purchase a high speed pedestal fan from reliable brands like Luminous. Their fans come in different colors that can add an exquisite and sophisticated touch to your home décor.

·         Low Maintenance

A high speed pedestal fan is pocket-friendly and can be easily moved from one position to another without much hassle. They don't need much maintenance.

·         Can Be Placed at Side

A high speed pedestal fan is smaller in size, and since it is space friendly, it is easy to place on any side of the room. You can also take these fans outdoors as long as you have a power supply to plug them in.

If you are planning to add a modern touch to your home décor,here are some ultra-modern pedestal fans that will suit your home the best-

1.        Mojo Plus White Pedestal Fan 40CM (400MM

White is the color of sheer elegance. The Mojo Plus HS White Pedestal Fan from Luminous will make a perfect addition to your home décor if you are searching for something graceful. Packed with tons of features, this Luminous high speed pedestal fan is a 130watts fan with its motor running at 2100 RPM, and its speed can be easily adjusted. This three-blade fan comes with a warranty of 2 years. Mojo Plus HS White Pedestal Fan provides maximum comfort, assured high-speed performance, and superior air delivery.

2.      Ferrari Pedestal 50CM (500MM)

The Ferrari Pedestal fan from Luminous is one of the tallest Farrata fans available in the market. Thus, it has a rubber padding on the circumference, making it the sturdiest Farrata suitable for Indian households. It comes with a superior clamping system, which allows you to adjust the height according to your needs. It consumes 145 watts of power and has the longest power chord. Ferrari Pedestal comes with a warranty of 2 years.

3.      Speed Max Pedestal Fan

It's a three-blade high speed pedestal fan which is considered to be the best in class in 400mm. It comes in high-quality color, suiting your décor and performance so smooth that it will undoubtedly leave you spell bounded. One power-packed fan built to blow your mind is Speed Max. Speed Max is a brand considered to outperform others and deliver the highest value in its segment. It consumes 120 watts and offers an air delivery of 2200 RPM. With Thermal Overload Protection and Aerodynamic blades, this is the apt pedestal fan for your home.

Enhance Your Home Décor with a High Speed Pedestal Fan

Due to its efficient functioning,a high speed pedestal fan is also known as a portable fan. These fans are lightweight, space-friendly, and easy to use. There are reliable brands like Luminous that offer a comprehensive range of high speed pedestal fans.

So, what are you waiting for? Buy a high speed pedestal fan and add a modern touch to your home today!