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3 Version Control Systems To Keep In Mind

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3 Version Control Systems To Keep In Mind

Working on a major software development project? Do you need to work with a team of collaborators? Then you'll need a version control system. Find out what a version control system is, how it benefits your team, and what the top three version control systems are.


What is a Version Control System?

A version control system allows you to keep track of recent changes in your software and web development projects. It allows them to collaborate on projects in real-time. Within this open-source platform, teams can work together on developing code as they separate their tasks through branches.

There is more than one branch system within a version control system. It's dependent on the number of collaborators within a given system. You can combine the coding changes when necessary. You can also manage or use the code, go to previous versions or view changes associated with that code.


Benefits of a Version Control System

The biggest advantage associated with a version control system is that it automatically streamlines the development process. They allow you to keep track of your code changes for each of your projects and view the histories of changes for a given code.

A version control system keeps all of the changes within the repository. If you ever make a mistake, you can undo those changes. You can also compare your current code with previous versions to reach a conclusion. This prevents human errors and mistakes to an extent. It's a great option for web developers who want to work remotely around the world.

It can also be used with other software development tools such as automated tools, integrated development environments (IDE), and PaaS providers.



GitHub is a repository that allows you to host and share projects. It's known as an open-source platform and version control system that includes features such as branching, convenient staging areas, and multiple workflows. GitHub is easy for beginners and provides fast operation speeds.

GitHub allows you to collaborate with other users and keep track of code changes. You can undo errors by turning back the clock, track each of your changes in the code, and share recent changes with other team members. You may find yourself comparing SVN vs Git, but you'll love GitHub for its user-friendly interface.

Its integrations and updates have been useful for other product-enhancing services and version control systems, such as GIT. It also allows for collaboration and communication thanks to integrated platforms such as Hipchat and Slack. If there is a type of system that provides assistance with DevOps and web development, then GitHub can help you with that.



Beanstalk is preferable for those who want to work remotely. This software is available on the browser and the cloud. It allows you to code, commit, deploy, and review using either of these methods. You can use Beanstalk with e-mail platforms and messaging for collaborative work related to codes and updates.

Beanstalk supports Git and SVN and comes with a wide variety of built-in analytic features. It also has other security features such as encryption, password protection, and two-factor authentication.


CVS Version

CVS means Concurrent Versions Systems. It's one of the oldest version control systems on the internet. It's popular among commercial and open source developers. This version control system allows you to track the code you're currently working on, and stay up-to-date on any changes.

It also allows you to track multiple projects with various branches that allow teams to merge their code changes and contribute updates to the project. This version control system is here to stay, as it's the most mature version control system. This should be used by advanced developers.

These are three of the best version control systems to use. Every web development company or independent developer should consider investing in each of them. When choosing the right version control system, you should consider the affordability, evaluation process, purpose, and use cases.

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