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3 Ways to Be Better at a Job You Dislike

Working life is many things. It can be about passion for some and duty for others. It can be a matter of gritting your teeth and bearing it, or it could be extremely satisfying. Whatever your position might be, there’s a universal truth; the better you are at your job, the better off you’ll be financially. Improving your skills and making your boss take notice will result in better pay, one way or another. These tips can help even the most uncaring employee master their craft in order to get ahead.

Take a Year Off

Many high school students will take what’s known as a gap year before starting college, and the pros and cons of a gap year are well documented. Generally speaking that break from academia can help students find themselves in multiple key ways, one of which is developing an understanding of where they “belong.” The same can be applied to taking a break between school and a job, and it can achieve similar results. Giving students time to breath before committing to yet more education or work allows them to find their optimal path moving forward, something that isn’t always given enough time or space in one’s life or even in their own mind. While you may already be well past the amount of financial support you’d need in order to pull off a gap year, the same principles can be applied while you continue to work, but it’s much more difficult without that all important breathing room. Whenever and wherever you can, figure yourself out. Figure out your place within the current job market based in part on your skills and partially on what interests you.

Rely On Discipline

Motivation can be the crux of the primary conflict for people in the workplace. When you’re working for someone else, doing a job you don’t care about, it can be difficult to stay motivated. In a perfect world, everyone would have a dream job and have an endless supply of motivation. However, the real world often fails to provide motivation from moment to moment, and it’s up to you to find the motivation you need to give your 100% in order to get that raise. However, that’s not exactly true. When motivation fails you, consider the power of ditching it entirely. Discipline in an alternative to motivation. Instead of providing you with a reason that doing something unpleasant is actually what you’ve wanted all along, discipline demands that push on specifically because it’s not something you want but, rather, something you need. It has to get done, and  you have to do it; it’s as simple as that.

Enjoy Yourself

This one is tricky. As previously mentioned, the world around you won’t always give you adequate justifications to keep going, and you need to work around that problem. However, learning to like the work you do is like a magic trick. By finding the fun or value in your work, you will instinctively want to get better at it. As mentioned above, some people are truly passionate about their work, and those people tend to be more focused and more skilled as a result. Finding a way to get passionate about the work you do, even when you lack motivation, even when you have to use discipline, will help you improve immensely. It’s worth noting that even when people are honing a skill for a hobby, it often ends up feeling like work. However, their overall love of the craft makes that demotivating period of pure commitment worth it in the end. Many who work in customer service or other related fields working with clients frequently don’t always have great experiences. Using crm for small business can help the good moments be more remembered and utilized to make future interactions more positive to avoid stressful situations in the workplace.


While you may hate your job, you’re not alone. Many people don’t like the work they do, but they nonetheless find ways to excel at their jobs. These tips can help you overcome your ennui in order to succeed, but you’ll be responsible for trying to find the right solution or solutions for your circumstances.

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