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3 Ways to Boost Sales with Foil Stamped Labels


In 2005, Alan G. Lafley of Procter & Gamble coined the phrase, “The first moment of truth.” He used this phrase referencing the first 3-7 seconds of the consumer’s interaction with a product that is on the shelf, either online or offline.


It is in those initial moments that most consumers make their purchasing decisions. You should understand how important that moment is and utilize a well-planned marketing strategy to make it count.


Coming up with ways to boost your product’s sales can be a challenging feat. However, using remarkable labels can undoubtedly increase the likelihood of consumers picking your brand over competitor products. Especially right now, some consumers are true impulse buyers and will take products at face value.


Below are reasons and ways how to use foil stamped labels to make your products stand out on the shelf, boosting sales and creating an avid fan base.



1. Creates an Irresistible Urge to Touch (and Purchase)

There is a famous proverb that says, “Not everything that glitters is gold.” However, everything that glitters catches the eye.


Foil stamped labels deliver reflective, brilliant finishes that provide a sense of luxury and elegance. According to David A. Labonte, touch is a human’s most powerful sense for determining reality. This is why most people are compelled to touch gleaming objects. This establishes a connection, satisfying their curiosity and, in most cases, the need to possess.


Elegant, shiny labels add an air of luxe quality, elegance, and richness to your product and will compel consumers to reach out and touch.



2. Dress to Impress for Top-of-Mind Recall

The effect of beautiful colors on your labels, strategic visuals, combined with legible text boosts your brand’s marketing value. Finishing embellishments like foil stamping creates branded showcases that capture the customer’s fancy and boosts brand recognition.

Consumers are unlikely to be persuaded by a product with an unappealing label. Color and text may both appeal to buyers thanks to the dramatic contrast created by shiny tinsel accents.


The use of a light background with dark text (or the opposite) creates a visually attractive mix. As a result of this packaging strategy, replete with shiny foil accents, the consumer will not strain to catch the text, and the company’s name brilliantly stands out.



3. Delivers Shareable Unboxing Moments

Using foil stamped labels levels up your branding strategy, for a unique branded experience. This experience results from your careful selection of materials to display your products in a remarkable way compared to competition.


Foil stamped labels increase the perceived value of your products. Such a special presentation delivers gains for both your consumer and your company by allowing you to create memorable and, more significantly, shareable brand experiences.



The Dazzling Magic of Foil Stamping

Foil stamping gleams in the light and catches the eye wherever it is used. It becomes the star of the show, the lustrous centerpiece of your primary marketing tool.


Using foil stamped labels offers countless creative possibilities for you to explore. There are many foils to choose from, ranging from satin to glossy, in different shades of gold, bronze, copper, silver, and more.


Undoubtedly, custom foil stamped labels will draw the consumers’ attention due to their polished elegance and precious metallic detail. You can create textures, color effects, and maximum contrast to create a strong visual impression.


While branding is not enough to keep consumers coming back for more of your products, it can be a great means to exploding awareness and growing positive brand recognition. Even as you offer your customers quality products, choose foil stamped labels as your secret weapon on your road to success.


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