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3 Ways to Ensure Consistent Quality in Your Small Business.

The quality of a business depends on the reaction of the customers to your services or products. At first, the quality is always checked and made sure of but as time passes it is important to make sure that the quality of your product/service is consistent so the customers who have already tried your product or service are retained.

It is important to understand that the quality of your service and product at the first time and the 11th time needs to be the same in order to retain the customer and generate positive feedback and positive word of mouth. For instance, the new Top Gun Costumehas been loved and adored by the customers in the month of May but later in the month of September, the customers complain that the quality of the fabric is not what was promised and told to us by others.

It is important to maintain consistent quality as to satisfy the customers at every stage of the relationship. There are 3 major ways that are important and which ensures the consistent quality of the business you are running.

1.   Ensure Protocols.

It sounds boring and time-consuming when we say it but it is one of the best ways to ensure quality consistency. What you have to do is to create standard procedures and process that would take place within the company as well as with the customers to ensure the consistency of the business as well as the satisfaction or dissatisfaction of the customers. Begin with internal audits which would help you understand what issues your company is facing internally that is affecting the consistency of the business.

Internal audits may include official audits or mystery shoppers who could put themselves in the shoes of the customers and understand the actual issues which are compromising the consistency of the business.

2.   Understand Your Audience.

For the success of any business, small or well-established, it is important to understand the needs, wants and desires of the customers. It is important to know your customers before providing them the service. The main questions that you need to ask include;

  • Where do they shop from?
  • What is their budget?
  • Where is their residence?
  • What influences them?
  • What attracts them to make a purchase?
  • What makes them walk away from a purchase?

It is important to know your customers because only then you will understand what they want, what are the customer expectations and what are the perceived value that they are getting. Knowing the image of the business in the minds of the customers is important because that’s what tells you where your business stand.

3.   Don’t Stop.

If you think that you have been investing several months on your business and now that it is established and working well, you’re good to go. No, this is not the case. Even if your business is settled, never stop the search. there is always something that we are lacking. We may not find it yet but we would if we keep on investing in the business.

It is important to make enhancements every now and then and to keep providing customers with better and more enhanced features since that is what keeps them retained.

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