3 Ways to Know if Your Hand Sanitizer is COVID-19 Safe



So, you bought a brand-new bottle of hand sanitizer but unsure if it is actually useful in protecting you from COVID-19. Well, here are three ways to know if your hand sanitizer is COVID-19 Safe.


1.      It has above 60% alcohol content

In order to determine if your hand sanitizer can effectively keep you safe and kill COVID-19 you must check the label to see its alcohol content. You should have a Hand Sanitiser Melbourne that is alteast 60% or above in terms of its alcohol content, if it is less than 60% it will not effectively disrupt the coating of the virus and stop it from entering your body.

2.      Check its ingredients

While it is great that everyone is using hand sanitiser more frequently and being concise of protecting each other from bacteria and viruses we need to be aware of what we are putting on our skin. Some hand sanitisers can contain harmful chemicals and ingredients which can irritate your skin or even be toxic. When deciding which hand sanitizer you are going to be using daily make sure it is suitable for your skin. If you are unsure check with your chemist or doctors

3.      It is appropriately packaged for use

In order for your hand sanitizer to keep you safe from COVID-19 it also has to be safe to use for you, your family and friends. If you have small children, you want to ensure to sanitizer is packaged in a container which they cannot hurt themselves on. Small removable pieces could present choking hazards for children, hard to use bottles could also prevent them from easily dispensing the sanitizer. This is also relevant for the elderly, so make sure your hand sanitizer is easily dispensable and safe to use for all ages.