3 Ways To Make Your Business a Household Name


Starting your own company is a great way for you to take control of your financial destiny, but doing business takes a whole lot more than the desire for fame and fortune. Creating a successful company from the ground up depends on your ability to sway the public in your favor. These are the tips you’ll need to make your business a household name.

Market Research

In order to appeal to consumers, you first need to know who you’re dealing with. This necessitates some data in the form of market research. This kind of data can reveal the demographics that make up your industry’s target market, for starters, which gives you an idea of who exactly you’re trying to sell you products to. It can also provide an understanding of how consumers feel about your business, as well as what they would like to see from your company or businesses within your industry.


Social media provides additional opportunities for market research, as well. Social media posts give users metrics for engagement, and these data points can provide intel similar to that of the surveys that fuel traditional market research. Thanks to the use of AI in business, sentiment analysis can be used to glean how the public at large feels about your business so far by combining every single post that mentions your company. Market idea should be the guiding hand behind all of your strategies in both business and marketing, because it paints a clear picture of the role that you need to fill if you want to appeal to consumers.


Marketing is the primary force by which a business can make itself known to and, eventually, beloved by the public. By crafting a compelling marketing strategy and the ensuing campaigns, you can tell the narrative of your business in order to shape the public’s perception of your company. Marketing starts with branding, however. Before putting any marketing materials into the world, you’ll first need to find your voice as a commercial entity. The first steps of this process are aesthetic in nature and include things like a name, a logo, and a color scheme. Think of Coca-Cola’s iconic red and white palette and cursive logo, and you’ll get an idea of how powerful a brand can be.

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Using Coca-Cola as a point of reference again, you can also learn how to craft a compelling marketing campaign. Think in particular of Coke’s Christmas ads; these ads feature polar bears and Santa Claus enjoying Coca-Cola, and this has created an enduring pop culture icon by marrying the existing branding with Christmas imagery, thereby attaching the Coke brand to everything else that the holiday season entails, namely family and positivity. Not every company can co-opt Chris Cringle, but there are countless other ways that you can make your brand an indispensable one by telling a powerful story.

Public Relations

Where marketing seeks to sell a product and a brand to consumers, public relation seeks to improve the image of the company itself. This starts with the aforementioned market research that allows businesses to fill the needs of consumers, but there is a lot more for PR representatives to do in service to your company. For example, the most prevalent service that PR companies provide is that of writing press releases and distributing them to press outlets on behalf of their client companies. This can serve as a way to make announcements without all of the pomp and circumstance, not to mention the cost of advertising. Press releases can also be used to address conflicts and controversies. A company’s “official statement” after a given scandal is 9 times out of 10 a press release written by a PR rep, rather than by the company itself.


PR firms are also responsible for arranging partnerships with talent such as celebrities and influencers and, along the same lines, bringing in spokespeople, celebrity or otherwise, to act as a more literal face of the company. Most importantly, PR firms can advise businesses on the steps they can take to build a positive reputation from within. More specifically, PR representatives can give business owners guidance in terms of how their policies are being, have been, and will be perceived by the public, giving them the unenviable job of averting a crisis before it happens.


Building a successful business is not something you can take for granted. After all, success in commerce is often about persuasion on a mass scale. These tips can help you curate the best public image possible in order to reap the rewards that come with it.