3 Ways to optimize your brain for productivity

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Our brain is like a CPU of a computer, the better it performs the faster we get our things done in a more productive way. We need to train our brains to prepare us not scare us. 

So, today we will discuss three strategies that will show how to optimize your brain for better productivity. 

Focus on the outcome

Our mind is like a GPS, we type in the destination we want to go and it takes us there. The foremost reason people don’t get what they want because of: 1. They don’t know what they want or 2. They focus all their time on what they don’t want and what they are afraid of. 

Where ever your attention goes that is where your energy flows. So, if you are focusing on what you don’t want, guess what you get more of. Pay attention to the words you use when you are talking to yourself. 

Imagine if you tell your child to don’t throw that toy. What do they do? They throw it anyway. Because our brain doesn’t hear the word “don’t”, it hears what comes after it. You may often read the billboards on the highway saying “don’t drink and drive” most of the people will say “okay?”. Because they only hear what comes after the don’t. They changed the slogan to “Stay sober”, now our minds know what to do. 


Just choose your words carefully when someone asks you how you are doing? Instead of saying I’m feeling less stressed say I’m feeling more calm, in this way your brain won’t hear the word stress. Or use I’m feeling very good instead of not bad. Or even “My pleasure” rather “No problem”. 

Associate pleasure to action

The number 1 reason that people procrastinate is that they have associated pain to be the goal so we push it aside. We want to make sure what we are saying to ourselves. We need to speak passionately about what we want. If you only speak passionately about what you are afraid of then that where the energy will go. 

When you’re trying to manage yourself you are going to come up with fear. You need to associate f.e.a.r with Feeling Excited and Ready. There are really fast ways through which you can change the way you feel. One thing is you can’t experience anxiety without speed. You have to speed up inside, focus on the scariest thing happening and often hold your breath. If you want to have the opposite that is calm, cool and collected, you breathe through your nose and lookup. 

You will notice that every time you look up it gets quieter inside. 

Love and accept yourself  

We have this deep insecurity in all of us that somehow in some way I’m not enough. It’s not what happens to you in your life it is the meaning that you give to it that matters more than anything else. If you want to be loved and need approval or validation? Give it to yourself instead of waiting for someone to do it for you. 

Gratitude has been linked to a host of physical and psychological benefits. One study even found that grateful people are 25% happier

Go in and check with that little boy or girl inside of you and find what do they need from you? Love, support, protection or encouragement? Give it to them. The goal in our lives is not to figure out how to be comfortable in our mental prisons. But to realize that we have the keys to set ourselves free.

Imagine if you would open your inbox after 

Avoid these kinds of experiences and negative thoughts, use time management apps and manage yourself for calm serene feedbacks from yourself.