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3 Ways To Protect Yourself In Your Business and Personal Life

Everyone wants to feel safe and keep their property and assets safe. Here are some ways you can protect your business and personal life.

1. Use a Safe or Vault

Even in the digital age, not all assets are stored as data. Personal documents like birth certificates are still primarily physical. Even important documents and valuable items like jewelry aren't the only things you may want to keep safe and secure. Many people own guns, for example. A gun is definitely an item you want to keep stored away safely, both because guns can be very valuable and because they are very dangerous. You don't want someone like a child to get a hold of your gun by accident. That could lead to disastrous consequences. One of the solutions for a gun could be a Fort Knox gun safe which will keep your gun secure until you need it. In general, safes are great for any physical item you want to keep safe and secure. You can find safes that incorporate heavy steel, fireproofing and electronic locks among other protective features.

2. Practice Common Sense

One of the simplest things you can do to protect yourself in both your business and personal life is to practice common sense. Too often, people tend to avoid thinking about difficult realities or dangerous possibilities. This is by no means something to be ashamed of. There are just some things people dislike thinking about. You might not like to think about death, so you avoid having a will drawn up. But keep in mind what may happen if you pass away without a will. What will happen to your assets and who will have to take care of things? These situations can be hard for people to consider, but they are important to take care of. A more immediate example would be keeping your debit card PIN covered when you enter it on a keypad to make a purchase. The likelihood of someone looking at your PIN and using it to steal your debit card information may not seem very probable, but common sense dictates you make sure no one can see you enter your PIN just in case.


You need to think about the tough things in your business life too. Be aware of who is in charge of every aspect of your business and your affairs. This doesn't mean you have to keep a suspicious eye on everyone or be distrustful. You simply need to be careful and vigilant. Try auditing assets and transactions from time to time. Be inconsistent about when you conduct an audit too, so no one can catch a pattern. Another good practice is to collect references for anyone handling your assets.

3. Use an Identity Theft Protection Program

As hackers and scammers develop and utilize more sophisticated technology to commit fraud, you need to find more sophisticated ways to combat their attacks. The easiest way for you to do this is to incorporate identity theft protection into your cybersecurity, at home and in the office. All identity theft protection software is capable of monitoring your accounts and credit reports for any suspicious activity and notify you if any issues turn up. Some of the more robust programs are even capable of monitoring the dark web for activity using more personal information like your social security number. These monitoring services typically come with good insurance to cover costs in the event that your identity is stolen. An important new development in identity theft protection software is an increasing focus on protecting information on mobile devices. With the ever-increasing usage of smartphones and tablets for online transactions, scammers have found it easier and easier to commit fraud so identity theft protection companies are advancing their software to match the threat.


You need to incorporate a mix of physical and digital safety in both your personal and business life. The exact ratio is up to you and depends on your assets and priorities.

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