3 Ways to Take Full Advantage Of the Holidays


The holiday means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. However, there is one underlying theme, and that is gift giving. For businesses, that means a major uptick in sales or, at least, the potential for an increase in sales. In order to take advantage of those opportunities, you will need to make certain preparations, and these tips will help you take advantage of the holiday rush.

Rethinking Your Sales Strategies

In all matters of business, brushing up on your sales tactics is a crucial way to improve your company’s odds and adapt to the changing commercial landscape. For the holidays, that means two things in particular. Your staff will need to be brought up to date on the latest trends in general, but that also pertains in particular to the most anticipated gift items for the holiday season. This means that your employees should know what to recommend to customers in need of some sage advice and how to answer the common questions customers are likely to ask about the items in question. It almost goes without saying, but your staff’s demeanor is also a crucial part of making holiday sales. Incorporating holiday greetings and well wishing into dialogue is a crucial component of the customers’ expected holiday shopping experience, smiles are a must.

Investing In Specialized Marketing

While revamping your sales strategies is important, it takes a competent marketing campaign to attract customers in the first place. Holiday marketing is often a priority for companies and marketing agencies simply because of that increase in spending, so it’s no surprise that there are countless examples out there or effective holiday marketing. Typically, holiday marketing needs to accomplish two things: incorporating holiday imagery and advertising the must have products of the season. Many of these products will be newly released by companies as eager to cash in on the holiday season as you are, so you’ll have to pay extra attention to the latest and greatest products coming out in Q4.

Some of the more common holiday gifts are clothes and toys, so those should take priority. However, all things holiday themed will be all but mandatory for customers who want to participate fully in their winter holiday of choice, and holiday themed media always makes a comeback around the holiday season. Lastly, it’s important to note that the video game industry, much like the film industry, tends to prioritize holiday release windows. Video games, however, will be pertinent to retailers upon release, whereas new movies allow for the buffer of a theater run.

Preparing For the Rush

The aforementioned uptick in sales is a blessing, certainly, but it’s also a curse. While the holiday season in earnest pales in comparison to Black Friday sales events, Black Friday typically only lasts for one day. Throughout a minimum of two months, people will be focusing on completing their holiday shopping lists, and that will put an increased burden on retailers. Preparing for that increase in demand means that you’ll need to be increasing the number of employees on site and on the clock at any given time. This is especially important because the holiday season can be stressful for the employees of understaffed and overworked businesses. That potential low point in employee morale will directly impact your staff’s ability to make sales reliably. A person’s mood is infectious, and that means that down and out employees will be a major turn off for shoppers during “the most wonderful time of the year.”



It can be hard to run a business effectively at the best of times. There are countless problems to tackle, and that only accelerates during the fourth quarter of each year. Preparing for the holiday season can help you brace yourself against the rising challenges, and that alone can turn this problem into an opportunity. These tips can help you set yourself up for success.

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