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3Dose Injector - Steps of Usage and Advantages

3Dose Unit Dose Injector is one of the unique as well as innovative disposable injectors that is significantly used for BoNT injections. These injections are used with a patented clicker system that is responsible to produce audible and tactile feedback per dose. It’s a new device, developed to deliver an exact measured unit dose. A calculating a unit per ml is reffers to units per click. It is fascinating to know that the audible and tactile feedback allows accurate, consistent as well as easier injecting of high value drugs. Calculating errors in BoNT units are eliminated from the practice. However, this needle for sale is also available online.

There is a great need to know, the disposable injector is compatible with all major toxin brands. Two various 3Dose injectors are available significantly depending on toxin brand or the dilution. The green 3Dose injector is used for 2.5ml, 1.25ml and 0.63ml dilution. On the flip side, the orange injector is made for 2ml or 1ml dilution.

Usage of 3Dose Injector

The 3Dose needles and syringes comes in sterile blister packaging with a regular luerlock system. There is a regular scaling, but the thing is, the device comes with three various settings. The plunger is designed in such a way that it can be turned. Following are the settings that allow you select how many units are needed to inject per click:

  • Green setting delivers 0.0125 unit per click
  • Black setting delivers 0.025 unit per click
  • Blue setting delivers 0.05 units per click.

It is fascinating to know that, adapting the color settings to the treatment plan allows you to save time as well as to inject all the blue points when there is need of only two or a multiple of two units. In this way, the entire procedure becomes quicker and the plunger is turned just two times. In order to turn the plunger, the black lever must be opened first and then closed by fixing it. Moreover, pictures of the colored treatment plan provide reliability and reproducibility. It also helps you to understand the improvements needed in the upcoming session.

Step one

Once reconstituted, all the toxin is drawn up into 3Dose injector. Before this procedure, the black lever must be positioned in the free moving mode. For this purpose, a 18G needle is plugged to the luerlock system. The toxin is taken from the vial to remove all air bubbles.

Step two

In this step, you have to position the lever in the click mode position in order to activate the clicker system.

Step three

After that, the needle is changed to a thin injection needle, generally, invisible needle is preferred.  The needle is so thin that it provides painless injections. Along with this, it has a low dead space to save units for the next process.

Step four

A great care is taken to inject in the superficial points as compared to the deep points in contact with the bone. It avoids the usurer of the tip of the invisible needle. Another essential tip is, once a point is injected, you have to stay in the injection area for a second after you hear the click.

You must know that, the scale on the plunger is represented in units. A grip of the injector features a unit indicator. That means, practitioners can visualize the injected product as well as the remaining units.


  • Best handling of the device.
  • 3Dose allows the practitioner in order to stay concentrated on the injection area.
  • This feedback system ensure that the injected volume is more accurate as well as more deliberate.
  • 3Dose injects are also responsible to avoids calculation errors.
  • It prevents over and under-injection.
  • There is no waste of material. The company claims that, the practitioners can save up to 20% botulinum toxin per vial.
  • 3 Dose injector increases patient comfort that helps also to reduce bruising.

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