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4 Benefits From Getting a Home Inspection

Let’s say you are looking for houses for sale in Westminster, CO. Purchasing a home is often one of the largest investments a person can make, and most people finance their homes. Banks generally require a home inspection to ensure the residence is in good shape. It makes it easier for them to underwrite the loan, but it is also a good way for people to know what may need repair before purchase. Some repairs will not be done before buying, but they should be done over the next year or two. Even when a person has owned their home for a decade or more, a home inspection could give them a way to prioritize their maintenance budget to keep their home in good working order.

Starting at the Top

When it comes to having a comfortable home, it is important to know that local rainstorms will not cause leaks into the house. Starting at the top is a good place for a home inspection to begin. Many roofs are in good shape, but they may have issues that will need to be remedied in the near future. Shingles are a popular roofing material with variable wear lives. The least expensive ones generally last about a decade, but they can last up to three decades. A good home inspection can estimate when the roof will need to be repaired or replaced. It can be helpful to know if there are immediate issues, and it makes saving for that future replacement a known goal.

Water and Plumbing

Any home inspector will point out that ripping out the walls is not a good idea, so that makes it a challenge to inspect the plumbing and electrical lines. There are ways to do it with an eye toward what needs immediate attention and what might be a future issue. Plumbing inspection consists of running two or more faucets at a time to check water pressure. Looking around water lines and under the house for water damage is a good way to tell if there may be issues that need to be discussed before closing.

Lights and Electrical

Electrical lines are often buried in the walls, the attic and they can occasionally be run under the house. These are all areas where it is difficult to get a good assessment, but turning on the lights is the first step. Checking the electrical panel for proper wiring is next, and then using a meter probe to check all the outlets will present a good view of the health of the house’s electrical system.

Pest Issues

There are many ways for nature to damage or destroy vital parts of any structure, and pest issues should be investigated. Termites, carpenter ants, and even carpenter bees are just three pests that can infest a home and weaken it. They chew into the wood of the home to create damage, and they can eventually destroy wood joists and framing. Checking for possible infestations is an area that should be part of any home inspection list. If there is an issue, extermination and repair should be done before the sale is approved. For those who have owned their home more than a decade, this type of inspection should be done to ensure no major damage from an infestation is currently occurring.

Knowing the roof will not blow off or leak in the first rain shower can make buying the home more pleasant. The knowledge that the plumbing and electrical are within code and safe means no concerns about flooding or dining every night by candlelight. Pest infestations can damage a home at any time, but having a good inspection done can find that issue. Getting a home inspection does cost money, but can save money during the purchase and even after buying the home by finding small issues that can turn into problems in the future.

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