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4 Best Foods to Try in Rome

Rome offers more than just world-renowned landmarks and sceneries. This city has enough world-class restaurants and bistros to satiate your appetite for authentic Italian cuisine.

If you’re planning a holiday in Rome, then allow us to present you with these 4 best food to try in Rome: carbonara, thin crust pizza, lasagna, and pasta.

So, where should you go to get the best of those four? Don’t worry, we’ve got that covered too.

  1. Carbonara

Pasta alla carbonara

When we talk about authentic Roman Carbonara, then the obvious place to visit is Roscioli. This gourmet shop is a sweet mix of Roman Bistro and a Deli. It’s not only famous for its Carbonara, but it also serves Cacio e Pepe so good you want to keep coming back for more.

Prepare at least 90 Euros per person if you want to visit this place. Yes, it’s quite expensive, but this place has the best selection of food items that you simply don’t want to leave without buying everything. The bread, cheese, and pasta are just too good. The staffs are friendly and always eager to help you out too.

  1. Thin crust pizza

There’s no shortage of restaurants that serve excellent thin crust pizza in Rome. You have so many to choose from.

Top on the list is Da Baffetto. This pizzeria serves crispy crust pizza that’s still slightly bendable with not too much sauce. It serves thick crust pizza too, so if you’re traveling with friends or families who prefer it that way, everyone can get a bite.

Our advice is to go there during lunch time. It’s less packed than dinner time so you can be seated quicker. It’s still quite busy during daytime, so excuse the waiters if you feel they’re rushing everything.


  1. Lasagna

Chock full of veggies lasagna

You don’t have to be a fat orange cat to be crazy about lasagna. After all, this delicacy can make anyone’s mouth water. More so when we’re talking about Roman-style Lasagna.

Ai Tre Scalini is the go-to place for lasagna. Both tourists and locals will recommend that you order lasagna when you visit it for the first time. The flavor is rich, full, and your palate will simply thank you for the special treat. Top it off with truffle ice cream and tiramisu for the extra perfection.

The romantic atmosphere makes Ai Tre Scalini an ideal place for couples. Just remember to reserve a seat in advance.

  1. Pasta


Italy is the home of pasta. You’ll be hard pressed to find a restaurant that serves bad pasta there. That being said, you can always expect a select few will have pasta that exceeds everyone else. One such place is Flavio al Velavevodetto owned by Flavio De Maio.

The one menu that no one should pass is the cacio e pepe. It’s a simple dish of pasta combined with Pecorino Romano cheese, and black pepper. Well, at least that’s what the original recipe is. With Flavio’s personal touch, this simple dish ascended to a new level.

If you only have one chance to visit Rome, visit Flavio and try its pasta. No one ever regretted it.

Okay, that’s our take on 4 best foods to try in Rome and where to find them. As a final advice, we recommend that you hire a car in Rome. It will be easier for you get around the city. Most restaurants offer street parking, so if you plan your visit in advance, you shouldn’t have any problem getting a place to park there.

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