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4 Best Tips For Playing With Area Rug Patterns

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Patterns can bring your living space to life and add personality throughout your home.


Area rugs are a great way to add patterns, but with such a wide variety of rug designs, it can be overwhelming to choose what’s right for your home.


Here are our four best tips for introducing a patterned rug to your home.


Rugs by room

Different patterns may work for different rooms. When shopping for a rug, consider how the pattern will work in the space, and what each space is used for.


If it’s a busy pattern, it may be better suited as a hallway runner or in the kitchen, where there can often be a lot of activity going on. For a bedroom, you may want a pattern that evokes feelings of calmness.


Buying a rug for a children’s bedroom compared with a formal dining room will likely have a big impact on the type of pattern you choose. For a children’s bedroom you may want something fun and bright, whereas, for a formal dining room, something elegant and classic may help you get the look you’re after.


As well as mood, consider practicality. If you’re buying an area rug for a high traffic space in your home, you may want a pattern that will not show up marks easily.


Don’t be afraid to play with different rug patterns throughout your home. You don’t need to have every room look the same. Thinking about how you want each room to feel will help you choose the right rug pattern for each room.


Rugs by colour

Before looking at rug patterns, you may first want to decide the colour palette you’re after. Colour schemes may vary from room to room, and it may depend on existing wall colour and decor style as to what rug patterns will work best. Sometimes starting with the rug first can help inform the overall style of the room.


Colour palette can set the tone for the entire room and may vary for different areas of your house. When buying a patterned designer rug, you can choose to keep the underlying hue of the room one colour, or you can use a few contrasting colours to create interest.


If you’re not sure where to start when choosing rugs by colour, you can start neutral and go from there, depending on the colour patterns that catch your eye.


If the room is already decorated, consider if you want your rug to match existing colours or add a flourish to an otherwise neutral space. A colourful rug can be used to cover a neutral carpet to make the space feel warmer and more inviting, while a minimal, modern rug can help balance out existing patterns in the room. 


Rugs by style

There’s a wide variety of rug styles to choose from, with modern rugs featuring a different aesthetic to traditional rug designs. Each style focus on varying patterns and motifs.


While you can style your home however you wish, you may want to be careful with using multiple rug pattern styles within one room. It can work in a large open-plan space, but too many different patterns within one small space can make the area look overwhelming.


Try to stick to just a few patterns within one room, and use similar tones to tie everything together to provide a cohesive style. Adding colour and contrast through textiles is a quick and easy way to bring a room to life, but a room may feel jumbled if you focus on too many styles in one space.


Mixing modern rugs and traditional rugs in the same room may look off-balance, but if you can’t decide between the two styles, transitional rugs can provide the perfect blend.


Rugs by size

Getting the right size rugs is important to ensure it fits nicely, but the size may also impact the type of pattern you choose. Sometimes a busy pattern can be better suited to certain sizes to create the best impact.


If you’re buying a large rug to cover a big space, choosing a minimal pattern may help the space look bigger. If you want something to make a space feel cosy and intimate you might look at rich, warm-toned rugs, with soft, curved patterns.


If you do have a big space, another option would be to layer a few rugs on top of each other. You could choose a larger neutral rug, and then a small boldly patterned rug to sit on top. This will enable you to still inject some fun patterns into your space.


If you want your designer rug to act as the centrepiece, a big patterned rug can be ideal, just remember to try choosing a pattern you will still love in a few years.

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