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4 Crucial Factors To Consider When Looking For Reliable Data Centre

4 Crucial Factors To Consider When Looking For Reliable Data Centre 9ccab5cf

Sydney is one of the busiest business hubs in Australia. New South Wales’ state capital houses some of the biggest companies in the country and the region, including real estate giant Goodman Group, Insurance Australia Group Limited, and leisure gaming company Aristocrat Leisure Limited. These businesses chose to operate in the city to take advantage of the high number of job seekers and its strategic time zone that coincides with the end of business hours in North America and the start of the workdays in Europe. 

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As part of most business strategies, more companies consider getting a data centre for reliable data management. Large and small companies can take advantage of hiring any data centre Sydney has to offer to help them secure and protect all their crucial files. 


Before getting a data centre subscription, companies must explore several factors to help them decide which services would suit the needs of their business. 


Here are several essential factors to think about when picking the right data centre for Sydney companies. 




One of the most crucial factors to have in mind when looking for the right data centre in Sydney is the location. The company may be able to save plenty of money if they get a data centre located outside the city, it will lose some of the pertinent benefits of the service if they choose something that is very far from their office. 


Depending on the kind of wiring system that the data centre uses, the distance between the office and the data centre facility will have a significant effect on the speed of the Internet. For example, copper wires can only work within 330 feet, which means the company must only find a data centre that will not extend beyond that radius. Meanwhile, copper wires can work perfectly up to 25 miles. 


Also, looking for a data centre that belongs to a separate power grid is beneficial for the company, especially if it is located in natural disaster-prone areas. It means that the data are secured even when the office deals with a major power outage. 




A good data centre must always provide a good backup power source. It must present a good redundancy system in case of inclement weather and other emergencies. Also, companies need to know that the data centre facility has proper cooling and ventilation features in their infrastructure. 


Secured Facility


Another important factor that companies must look for when considering to get data centre services is security. Since the facility will house all the important data and apps of the business, any breach can harm the company. 


Reliable data centres must provide software and technology that can secure the company’s assets. They must also have reliable physical security. It means that strong locks, efficient surveillance systems, and well-trained security personnel are needed to help protect all the data.  


Capacity Of Network Services 


Most functioning data centres set a limit to their capacity without boosting their infrastructure. Factors like network speed, reliability, and security can give the owners of the company an idea about the dependability of the built of the network. 


If the company chose a data centre that uses fibre optic cable support, they must get an assurance that the facility has the power and space to meet its requirements in the long run. Companies must determine how much capacity they need in the future to help them plan for more bandwidth adjustments as needed.  


If all these factors are met, the chosen data centre will provide the best services for the company. Business owners must only look for a reputable data centre facility so they can have the best guarantee that all their files and data are properly taken care of.

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