4 Economical Ways to Save on Empty Toner Cartridges


Does the situation sound quite familiar to you? You might have bought an inexpensive printer for the office. Toner cartridges present in that printer are also inexpensive. However, you might end up in noticing that you need to run over to local office of the supply company on a frequent note because often, the toner cartridges used to run out.  The next thing which you realize is actually you have a small amount of money, which is further costing you twice the money, which you would have spent while if you have anticipated originally in supplies.

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Addressing this concern, following here are some smart tips, which would allow you to make informed decisions for minimizing the recurring expenses relating to toner cartridges. You can also recycle empty toner cartridges, which is discussed on detailed note below.

Estimating the rate of cost per page for cartridge being bought

Have you estimated what is the cost of per page being incurred at every point of time? Well, it is a significant metric for understanding how much to minimize the overall expenses of printing in office. The ideal way to calculate this rate is to: divide the cartridge price by page yield.


Page yield of cartridge is typically the calculated amount of pages, which the cartridge will be producing generally based on a page coverage of around 5%. Normally, page coverage of 5% is a full-page business letter, which does not include graphics.

Generally, the thumb rule is: the higher the upfront costs will be, the lower will be the rate of cost-per-page. The higher will be the cost-per-page if the printer’s cost is having a lower upfront cost.

Buy Remanufactured or Premium Compatible Toner Cartridges

The remanufactured and compatible toner cartridges are great for downsizing the printing expense on an immediate note. But, you must be sure of buying it from a trusted source or it might end up in wastage of money and time, thereby aggravation for inferior quality.

Typically, there are 3 types of cartridges available online. You have the premium remanufactured cartridges, (OEM) Original Equipment Manufacturer cartridges and low-end remanufactured cartridges available from facilities overseas.

Buy the high-yield toner cartridges

You can save more while purchasing the high-yield toner cartridges. Often, manufacturers used to have high yielding and standard yield cartridges. Moreover, there is a list of premium remanufacturers, who have extended the cartridge’s service life and on adding to their expertise, they also produce jumbo yielding or extra high yield cartridges.

Thus, while purchasing the next toner for the next time, you can ask the supplier for price of highest yielding cartridge available for your printer. The lower will be the cost-per-page, the higher will be the yield.

Recycle the empty cartridges for cash

There is a list of environmental and economic benefits to enjoy if you recycle the empty toner cartridges. While you buy the cartridges online or from a local store, you must ask the supplier offers any kind of incentive if you opt for recycling.

Many companies offer lucrative incentives either as cash credits or customer loyalty points if you consider recycling. The credits differ from company to company, which can impact the your future purchases significantly.

There is a number of interesting and effective ways for minimizing the recurring expenses of toner in your office. You can start the process by evaluating the present printing expenses, thereby studying the rate of cost-per-page and amount required to print per month. Moreover, do not forget to recycle empty toner cartridges after using them to gain extra monetary benefits. So if you want to earn cash from your toner cartridges, then click here to learn about Sell Toner.