Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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4 Electrical Safety Checklist to Do Before Buying A House

Everyone wants a home that is safe from hazards. The electrical hazards are pretty common and they are extremely dangerous. It is important to include electrical safety in your home improvement plan. Electrical fires are the most common result of electrical hazards.

Get an electrical safety certificate and you will not have to worry about electrical accidents. Conducting a safety check before you move into a house is essential. It allows you to detect problems with the electrical system and fix them before they can do any damage.

Here are a few checks that should be on your list to ensure electrical safety.

Check the Light Fixtures:

When you are looking to invest in a house, make sure you check all light fixtures. They are an important part of a house and they are used a lot. If there is something wrong with the lighting, it can become a security risk. Make sure that both wall and ceiling mounted lights are secure.

Checking the wattage of the bulbs is also important. If there are any bulbs whose wattage is too high then you will have to change them. High wattage can result in overheating and create a spark and lead to a house fire.

Switches and Outlets:

Check the switches and outlets before you move in the furniture. It is hard to check the outlets and switches when they are behind the furniture. The first thing you should check is the presence of plat covers. Counting the number of outlets is also a good decision.

Make sure that none of the outlets or switches is loose or cracked.  Look for discoloration around the outlets and see if they are warm when you touch them. You should also make sure there are no strange sounds coming from them. Crackling and buzzing sounds is not a good sign.

If the plug or an outlet looks good then you should plug it and check if it’s working.

Take A Look at The Electrical Panel:

When you are investing money, you have to make sure that you make the right decision. The electrical panel is an important part of an electrical system. Make sure it is on your checklist. It has fuses and circuit breakers that protect from electrical fires. Make sure that all the circuit breakers and fuses are of the right size.  If the size is not right it will result in overheating. Overheating wires are very dangerous so it is important to take precautionary measures.

Hire A Professional:

There are some electrical hazards that are easy to spot. But there are some that require an expert and a professional eye. It is important to take professional help so that you can identify all possible electrical hazards. There are serious electric hazards that only professionals should handle. Dealing with these hazards on your own will do more damage than good.

These are important electrical safety checks that will ensure safety. Never move in a house without doing the electrical safety check. The check will offer you safety and peace of mind.

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