Monday, October 2, 2023
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4 Funny and Unique Gifts for Your SO

It makes no difference whether you’ve been together for three months or three decades—shopping for your significant other can feel like solving a calculus problem. 


Do you actually know their favorite author? Are you remembering their pant size correctly? What if they’re allergic to wool and they’ve just never told you? A landslide of doubts can drag down your Christmas mood.


Despite what you’ve heard, your gift doesn’t have to be Valentine’s-Day-level romantic and super-sentimental. Instead, switch things up with something totally whacky and unbelievably unique. 


Check out some of our favorite gift ideas to make your SO laugh or cherish your whimsy. 


#1 Game Night

So many couple’s activities center around outdoor time, which is great; however, with cold weather and ongoing safety concerns, the living room has become the hottest spot in town. 


To make Friday-nights-in a little more bearable, consider gifting your partner a classic game! 


  • Dive into a rousing Rummy 500 match with a quality card deck—better yet, find themed cards of their favorite movie or TV show. 


  • Puzzles are another easy way to infuse your activity with something your significant other loves (or take the truly customizable approach and order a 1000-piece puzzle with an adorable photo of the two of you together).


  • Find yourself at a loss for entertainment? Buy the activity-generating Do Something dice. All it takes is one roll, and you’ll finally be able to answer, “What do you want to do tonight?” with something other than, “I don’t know.”


#2 Light Reads

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Save War & Peace for another time. Keep it fun and breezy with these books for your significant other. They will relish the chance to take a break from that new best-selling non-fiction novel they’ve been slogging their way through since April.  


Some great options for light reads include:


  • Cookbook – Maybe you’re supporting an avid home baker, or maybe you’re dropping a hint that someone should level up from scrambled eggs. Either way, a cookbook is a great way to build a hobby together. 


  • Coloring book – Are the holidays stressing your partner? Give them some childlike joy via an adult coloring book. Throw in some quality markers, and they’ll be doodling their worries away.


  • Flask “book” container – Alright, alright, you caught us. This isn’t technically a book (at least, not in the traditional sense). But this sneaky flask container is still a hilariously excellent gift for your significant other.


#3 Be Twinsies

Nothing says “we’re together” like matching ‘fits. Make it casual (not creepy) by choosing light-hearted options, and save the real clothes shopping for later.


Here are some fun ways to play Thing 1 and Thing 2 this holiday season:


  • Matching onesies – These are perfect for staying cuddly on Christmas morning. Keep it simple in a classic sweater pattern or play Santa’s Little Helpers in these couple onesies


  • Classic bracelets – This is more unique than humorous, but matching jewelry never goes out of style. Customize a pair of bracelets with your nicknames, favorite saying, or anniversary for a special touch.


  • Cozy socks – The real marker of adulthood is when you realize that a good pair of socks is actually the ultimate Christmas gift. Bonus points if they’re fuzzy, double bonus points if they say “his” and “hers” (or a five-point deduction, depending on where you stand).


#4 Work Pick-Me-Ups

Whether your partner has a full-blown office or a dedicated corner of the living room, everyone’s workspace could use a little sprucing up. Make your favorite hard worker smile with some special gifts for when they’re on the clock:


  • If the never-ending Zoom calls have your significant other bursting with frustration, get a little Zen box for their desk. Something as simple as moving sand can calm the mind.

  • To remind them of your fast-approaching time together, purchase a big ‘ol clock with their clock-out time circled. They’ll laugh (and think of you) when they find themselves checking it for the fourth time in twenty minutes. 


Spice it Up (and Not Just with Your Pumpkin Pie)

Fancy watches and boxes of chocolates are great holiday gifts, but they’re not the only options for quality gift-giving this year. Something unexpected and personalized will lift your partner’s spirits higher than any run-of-the-mill choice. 

We hope these ideas will excite both you and your significant other this holiday season!

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