Monday, December 11, 2023
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4 Hacks to Keep your Cloths Look New Every Day

Clothes retail therapy is great. Fading color and fiber of new clothes is not so great though and continuously spending money on work clothes is even worse. If you are buying a top quality fabric clothes and still face issues like faded dye and fabric, small holes, and buried on the clothes just after a few washes, it means you are doing your laundry wrong! Children grow out of their clothes quickly but adults can hang onto their wardrobe for a long time. Certain factors reduce the life of clothes with continuous exposure to strong detergent wash and daily wear. Other than boxing/ bagging your seasonal clothes in breathable cloth bags instead of plastic to avoid mildew damage you should follow the mentioned below tips to keep your daily attire in good condition as well.

Avoid Heat and fraction:

Warm water and heat dyer is the worst combination for laundering your daily wear clothes. Warm/ hot water breaks down fibers and heat from the dryers adds more into the fiber breakdown resulting in new clothes look like a million times worn out cloths. To prevent your new clothes looking worn out from two basics of laundry, always wash your clothes in cold water and do short cycles to reserve the color and fibers. Limit your use of strong detergents and bleaches. Add scented softer and spread smooth to get rid of the odor.

The heat from water and dyer especially affects all black/ dark clothes. Continuous friction between clothes rubbing from each other weakens the fibers and your clothes look worn out if you continuously machine wash them. You can turn your clothes inside out to minimize the friction. 

Minimize Exposure: 

You might want to re-wear clothes that look exceptionally good on you but give your clothes a bit.  Put your suits, coats, and shoes out in the air for at least 30mints before you closet them again. Throwing them on furniture create wrinkles. The break to your cloths also minimizes exposure to sunlight, alcohol from perfumes and hairspray which dull the fibers. Certain lotion and sunscreens also leave stains.

Front-loading Washer:

The traditional kind of laundry machines have an agitator build inside that pulls your cloth around in circles and increases friction.  If you intend to extend the life of your clothes you should invest in Front-loading washers. These washes tumble clothes in and out using gravity which is gentle and you get Snagless and untangled clothes. You can also opt for sun or air drying your clothes.


Garment and clothes steamer have replaced the traditional irons due to the portability and less time and energy consumption. Investing in streams is a great idea because these can be used on all sorts of fabrics and even bedsheets and curtains. Steamers take typically a few minutes for a bunch of clothes. Streams help your clothes say wrinkle-free, remove dust and odor. Streamer also more gentle on cloth fabrics because the water is turned into steam cloud eliminating the direct heat on the fabric .

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