Thursday, September 28, 2023
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4 "huge" benefits from non-template website design you will definitely want to try

Website design does not follow the templates, should or not? Is your brand in need of a unique, stylish website for your business? Let's learn about the benefits of custom web design with Markdao!

Website design today is an almost imperative advantage for everyone who is doing business. Currently, on the market, there are many website design services with many different implementation methods. There are models available to speed up the implementation process and minimize costs. Besides, there are also providers like Markdao, which implement websites from a blank page and use users as a platform. In fact, there is no right or wrong way, but we should choose the form to suit the needs of each use in different cases. Here are 4 benefits that you get when designing in the form of website design without a template.

Website design without a template: top 4 core benefits that are worthy for you to experience

Website design in sync with your brand

The website is like a brand's showroom, but different in that, the website is located on the internet. Not only is it about putting your brand's logo first, but it also has to be as "polished" as possible to optimize the customer and user experience. Good website design doesn't just stop at being beautiful, but also needs other elements to recreate your store:

·        Service style corresponding to the actual product viewing experience

·        The counselor responds to the information presentation

·        Product images correspond to the forms of the product presentation

In addition to boosting sales, the website nurtures your brand.

Website design friendly to search engines

Google always wanted users to access information faster and more accurately, so Schema and Micro Format were born. These elements require the programmer to define it with an HTML Attribute, so coding everything from scratch helps to do it more accurately.

URL and Bread Crumb are also factors that help your website have a significant plus in the eyes of Google. A website without form templates helps to build layers, classes for content and pages are done more scientifically, making navigation, and crawling from Google Bot more efficient.

Web design focuses on user experience

User experience needs to be in sync with your purchase experience or decision to use the service. Each business has a different sales philosophy and different calling to action. To achieve optimal efficiency, we need to study users' web behavior and coordinate with each brand's sales philosophy that turns it into the look and feel of the website. Of course, we can only do that when the website designs are created by ourselves.

Your brand deserves a unique brand identity. Every customer entering your website is an opportunity the brand needs to take advantage of to save your image in the minds of users. With a unique design, not only the look, but the layout will also help the user to impress and remember your brand for longer.

Scalability when designing web

When using the template, you have to deal with what you currently have and try to make the best use of it as possible, which becomes a huge barrier to endless ideas. If we go from content and optimize the interface for the content, we will increase the value of the content more. At this time, images and text will complement each other, thereby enhancing the value of the website.

Is website design really as expensive as you think?

The reason for the discrepancy between website design quotes

To make a well-organized website, Markdao's group of creators have to go through a lot of meticulous steps to ensure that the website reaches the end-users to fully utilize its capabilities and uses. A website to be implemented must go through the following main steps:

·        Learn about the market and website design of competitors

·        Determine the target group of website users and compose the website usage scenario

·        Content and sitemap for a website based on information from the above information

·        Compile Content Flow for each page

·        Draw wireframes for content groups

·        Home page design

·        Write a Design Guideline so that the following pages comply with a design direction

·        Designing the remaining pages

·        Programming interface for website

·        Programming features for the website

·        Compare website design and interface

·        Check for errors on the website

If we omit some of the steps above, it can save time and money but sometimes it can limit the website's capabilities. To determine with the agency carefully what stage of implementation a website takes and you can see the real value behind a quote.

Design not following the model but still ensure the cost in the allowed range

With a vision to bring a specialized website design to American businesses, the above problem is always our moon every day and we looked for different ways to make this happen.Hopefully, the above article will be helpful in website design.

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