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4 Important Factors to Consider When Looking For a Job

The prospect of job hunting is never ideal, but it has to get done, nonetheless. Whether you’re looking for something better or you’re looking for whatever you can get, you’re going to spend some time looking for a job. That means filling out job applications, updating your resume, and making phone calls, all in the name of seeking gainful employment. When it comes time for you to do the job-hunting song and dance again, there are a few factors you should keep in mind in order to make your job work for you.



“Freedom” isn’t exactly the first word that comes to mind when a person thinks of looking for a job. People tend to work out of necessity and, therefore, take whatever employment they can get. However, one way you can make your job work for you is by seeking freelance work. Freelance work entails, essentially, working with an “employer” that offers you work on one assignment at a time, and there is usually little to no long term obligation on your part or theirs to continue the arrangement. Likewise, freelance gigs tend to allow you to make your own schedule, and you can often do these jobs remotely. For an example, check out some Le-vel Thrive reviews to get a read on how this kind of freelance work can benefit you. Freelance jobs are particularly great for people for whom transportation isn’t readily available or who have medical reasons they can’t work a traditional job, as well.



Speaking of transportation, another factor you should consider when seeking employment is the commute involved in getting to a new job. Many people work office jobs in cities, for example, but live in the suburbs. That means that, in larger cities, their commute could take much longer than if you worked within walking distance of your job. Likewise, a city as large as New York has a lot of workers taking the subway to commute long distances to and from work. The size of your commute should, ideally, be justified by your wages. After all, if you’re not able to comfortably afford getting to and from work, you’re essentially throwing away money you don’t have. In places with affordable public transportation, however, the ratio shifts into the worker’s favor, while a service like Uber or Lyft is potentially incompatible with a minimum wage job, depending on the distance you’ll need to travel for work. These factors will guide you into the proper commute for your situation.



Last, but certainly not least, is the matter of wages. Payment for your labor is the reason for the season, and pursuing higher wages is the American Dream. Therefore, it behooves you to seek out the highest jobs you can find that you are also qualified for. Typically, increasing wages means making yourself more valuable than your competition, and this comes down to experience. For example, if you’re working the same job for a year or two and, in that time, prove to your supervisor that you take your work seriously, you might be up for a promotion. However, pursuing a new job changes the rules a bit. There is no longer a relationship between you and your supervisor, and it all comes down to your work history and your level of education, as well as recommendations and commendations from previous employers. It follows, then, that the optimal choice is typically committing to a certain field of employment early in order to make linear progress. This will make employers take notice of your consistent evolution within the field and make you a more desirable candidate.



As mentioned above, credentials can be the primary determining factor in securing a higher paying position. However, your credentials are always a talking point, which is why they always appear in your resume. Where college degrees are concerned, it’s worth nothing that even study toward an incomplete degree can still help you get jobs in that field, and a proper degree can help you in general, even when the job you’re applying for isn’t in the same field. If, for example, you got a degree studying philosophy only to realize there’s not a lot of demand in that field, you will still find more success in the job market as a result of your study.


Nobody likes looking for a job, but getting a new job can be truly great. Whether it’s an improvement within the same field or just something that better fits your lifestyle, a new job is, if nothing else, a breath of fresh air. That being said, your situation can only improve with the aid of better informed decisions, so keep these tips in mind, and good luck!

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