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4 Important Facts Before Buying Travel Insurance

While travelling when everyone is an awe of the scenic beauty or busy observing the nature and figuring out ways in a new country or a new place, in many instances, there are these small little mishaps that happen all the time when the individual’s attention and mind are somewhere else such as loss of passport, a loss of personal belongings such as mobile phones, cameras or even laptops. Loss of checked-in baggage and a variety of things.

For an individual with no travel insurance, this might come as a bad instance for them spoiling their mood and hence spoiling their whole trip, but for those with travel insurance, they do not need to worry about it so much. Losing stuff like mobile phones, cameras can come as a loss to many, but having these risks covered with the help of travel insurance helps in adding an additional layer of protection against the financial loss.

Five reasons why one should buy travel insurance!

Travel Insurance becomes an essential part of travelling, and it acts as a strong safety net against the risk of incurring unforeseen instances like those mentioned above. Let us list down five reasons why it is imperative to buy travel insurance:

  • Whenever there is a delay in the flight or a cancellation, individuals do not need to worry about their financial loss because travel insurance is there to cover it up.
  • In case of a loss of baggage or even a loss of medication, it is travel insurance that comes to the rescue that helps out in an emergency prescription filled.
  • If a trip is insured and the wallet gets lost, then the insurance will meet the requirement of emergency cash.
  • If there is travel insurance with medical evacuation, then in case of an accident, the travel insurance plan will cover a medical emergency when travelling abroad.
  • In case due to illness if the trip is not made and few expenses are already paid for such as hotels, cabs etc. then the travel insurance will cover for your trip cost.

“A food for thought: If the travel insurance plan isn’t necessary, then why have the Schengen countries made it mandatory for individuals to buy travel insurance? Why are people worldwide opting for more and more travel insurance plans”.

The above are reasons important for answering a major question of why travel insurance is important but let us dive into the factors which need to be kept in mind before buying travel insurance.

4 Facts to be aware of before buying Travel Insurance!

  • Gather relevant information: The most important step before buying travel insurance is to gather all the information which is necessary. There are a variety of industries that are willing to provide new and different kinds of insurance plans. But it is vital for an individual to collect all the information in order which will put the individual in a better position to be capable of choosing an insurance plan which will be most suitable and an appropriate choice for an individual’s personal requirements.

In order to achieve this step, the individual will have to do a lot of research and find out various companies offering different plans and how that differ from what other companies are offering along with the price, which seems to be one of the most driving features of buying a travel insurance plan.

Visiting online sites provide a much better option for getting the best plan possible.

  • Types of insurance covers: The second fact which needs to be considered is the various types of travel insurance covers. Understanding the coverage of each policy of travel insurance is just as important as understanding the reason why travel insurance is so important. There are a variety of insurers who are willing to offer a lot.

There are options available, and either one can buy travel insurance worth for a single trip policy or an annual multi-trip cover. For all those frequent travellers who travel a lot and love to travel, a multi-trip cover insurance policy is best suited for them and also spares them the time and effort in needing to purchase individual policies every time.

 These travel insurance policies can be purchased to cover the purchaser as well as his family members who might come under the category of spouse, children, and parents of the purchaser.

  • Restrictions: The third fact and the most important thing which needs to be checked and made sure of before buying an insurance policy are the restrictions that are put in a travel insurance policy. Before buying the travel insurance policy, it is imperative to check the age restrictions of the other family members who will be included in the same policy. All the senior citizens who fall under the age category of 85 can easily get travel insurance without having to undergo any medical tests.
  • Details of the purchaser: The fourth fact which needs to be taken into account is the details of the purchaser and all their family members who will be covered under the same travel insurance policy. These details will be required for documentation and proof that the travel insurance policy is in place. These details will include the name of and age of family members to be known as covered needs provided in the application form.

The name and address of the insured, as well as the travel dates for the insurer or his policy, also needs to be provided. Once all these details are provided, the premium is calculated, and that premium can be paid online for convenience using net banking, credit card and also e-wallets making the whole transaction process easy and comfortable for both the company and the insurer.


There are many people who do not understand the importance of buying travel insurance before going on any trip. It is mainly because they think that it is not worth the money and nothing will happen to them, but things like flight delays or cancelled flights, loss of wallet with money, loss of baggage is a dynamic process, and anything can happen.

The importance of travel insurance will help individuals in keeping them in a calm state even if these things ever happen to them. There is a famous saying, “Precaution is better than care”, in this scenario buying travel insurance is like a precaution, so one should definitely buy one before going on any trip to be on a safer side.

Travelling to overseas countries can bring extraordinary joy, but mishaps do not need a reason to happen. They can happen at any time and anywhere. Travel Insurance is just a way to make sure that no matter what, individuals enjoy themselves to the fullest even if something like this happens.

All in all, there are plenty of benefits of these insurance policies where one can have a variety of options to choose from, the one that is the most appropriate for the specific requirements. Overseas trips offer attractive opportunities, and no wonder plenty of people are getting assistance while making their trips outside their nations.

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Syandita Malakar
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