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4 innovative methods to promote better health in the modern workplace

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Would you consider yourself to be consistently engaged with your tasks in the workplace? There’s a fair chance that you’re probably not. There have been many studies that have helped to support this argument too.

In 2017, global analytics and advice firm Gallup, released their State of the Global Workplace report. The report concluded that there are over 85% of employees that are not actively engaged in their current workplace, which is a staggering amount. Considering these numbers, it’s important for business leaders to make changes so employees can feel increasingly productive and happier. But how can they achieve this?

It all starts with the working environment. Office design provides flexibility to explore ideas that can keep employees fresh and inspired. The methods of how we work are changing, which means our workplaces need to adapt too. 1 in 5 workers believes that a relaxing space to disengage from work and relax in the office is a great way to improve productivity, according to a study conducted by Sheffield-based office designers Dale Office Interiors.

Essentially, innovative office design is key to improving the wellbeing of members of staff in the organisation.

3 benefits that innovative office design can have on a workplace

1. Use space effectively

It’s not about how big the space is that employees require, it’s more to do with how you use it that helps them to be more productive. It’s about making the most of the space that you have. Having regular access to natural light and private meeting rooms, for example, can satisfy the employees that you have easily. It prevents them from feeling strapped to their desks and provides them with more freedom

2. Feel more productive

How your office is designed can have a great effect on how your employees feel. If the offices are dull and colourless, this can reflect on your employees too. Rather than having basic lighting and plain walls, introduce larger windows, modern interior and colourful colour palettes for your environment. This can easily impact the mood of your staff so be careful about the colour palette that you choose for your office. 

3. Become more collaborative

By having a workplace that is innovative and unique, it can help your teams to become more inspired for creating ideas and provide them with a greater ability to bounce off each other. Creating lounge areas and service areas which everyone can use creates social spaces where departments are able to collate together. This can help to encourage conversation and to work easier with each other. This way, problems can also be solved more collaboratively rather than in silos that are common with traditional workspaces.

4 innovative methods for promoting better health in the workplace

1. Promote movement

According to studies, in an average 8-hour working day an employee should only be sitting for around 2 hours. Sitting down for long periods at your desk makes you become less engaged and can also negatively impact your posture. Regularly walking and staying on your feet helps you to become more alert and increases the chance of work colleagues engaging in conversation. By having large spaces and meeting rooms that are well spread out, employees are able to stay active and remain attentive for longer periods of time throughout the day.

2. Layouts are flexible

In the modern workplace, being static is no longer an answer. Work from home days are becoming a more frequent perk, startups are growing and remote workers are rising. Because of this, it’s crucial that workspaces are able to be flexible to cater to these needs. Perhaps you can have workspaces that can also act as a lounge or meeting space. Alternatively, you can have moveable walls so workers can create their own workspaces and keep privacy in their innovative workplace. 

3. Improve health

Being innovative with your office design can provide a prime opportunity to promote good health too. Vending machines that include healthy snacks that are packed with nutritional ingredients can be just the start. Walking meetings can also help promote a healthy lifestyle. In particular, sit-stand desks are a feature that can have a great impact to improve staff wellbeing and health. Employees are encouraged to walk more often, there’s less chance of back pain occurring and it can improve the overall posture of employees in the office.

4. Encourage Down Time 

If your employees work long hours and regularly arrive to work early or stay late, then you may need to encourage a more positive work-life balance. Employees who don’t have breaks from work are more inclined to suffer from workplace burnout and is a situation which can be extremely stressful for both them and you. 

In order to encourage down time amongst your employees, you could provide benefits such as early finishes, reward productivity with a bonus day off or even just have some downtime in the working day by going for lunch or adopting the Swedish tradition of Fika, where employees get together regularly for coffee and cake and talk about anything other than work.  

Innovation should be at the heart of what you do

As a business leader, the wellbeing of your employees should be your first priority. In workspaces where your workforce is becoming disengaged and unmotivated, performance is likely to suffer leading to employees moving on or business targets not being met. This is where you need to act accordingly and consider making changes that can complement your business and its people for the better. No matter if you are a professional makeup company or a reputable solicitors, innovation should be at the heart of everything you do.

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