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4 Low-Calorie Steamed Food Options for Your Diet

4 Low-Calorie Steamed Food Options for Your Diet

For people who are looking to lose some weight, steamed foods are an excellent way to go. Because steamed foods are made using heat from water instead of oil to cook, steamed foods tend to be healthier and lower in calories than many comparable options. Many foods that can be steamed also tend to be healthier in their raw form, such as vegetables or shellfish.

Steam foods seem to get a reputation for being tasteless and bland. However, there are many low-calorie options for steamed foods that can be tasty and delicious. Many recipes add a variety of seasoning or tasty combinations to add flavor to the meal.

Chinese Steamed Buns

Chinese steamed buns are easy to make and the end result is delicious. There are a variety of different types you can make, although port buns are the most common and traditional. Chinese steamed buns consist of a doughy outer layer and are filled with tasty, seasoned meat.

Each bun can be filled with a variety of flavors, such as pork barbecue, to add desired flavor. A typical bun is created from scratch, although pre-made buns and fillings are also available to purchase at specialty stores.

When creating them from scratch, the doughy outer layer is pinched around the meaty interior, sealing its contents inside. The buns are then cooked over boiling water, creating a delicious, steamed masterpiece. The end result is a low-calorie, deliciously steamed meal that can be enjoyed for lunch or dinner.


Gyoza is typically fried, but it can also be steamed for a lower-calorie option. This special kind of gyoza, also known as mushi-gyoza, is a type of steamed dumpling famous for its meaty and flavorful interior.

Gyoza is similar to a Chinese steamed bun as it has a doughy exterior filled with meat and other seasoning. Commonly, cabbage and soy are included in the gyoza to give the dumpling extra flavor. The interior ingredients are typically combined. The doughy exterior is then pinched around the meat to seal in the flavor.

Just like the Chinese steamed buns, the gyoza is also cooked over boiling water to allow for a lower calorie meal. They can be bought pre-made or be made at home from scratch. All you need is an easy way to cook them, such as a food steamer.


Vegetables are one of the most common foods that people steam. Heat released from the boiling water typically gives vegetables a soft, moist texture. Here are some examples of common vegetables that people steam at home:









Although steamed vegetables may sound boring and bland, there are many different things you can do to them to make them more flavorful. Seasonings are a great way to add flavor to vegetables without adding too many calories. Basic seasoning like salt and pepper can give the veggies a little bit of flavor, while herbs such as basil or oregano can add some deeper flavor. Vegetables can also be combined with each other and mixed to make flavorful combinations.

While adding flavor to the vegetables, individuals should be cautious about what they’re adding and how much. The more good stuff that is added typically means the more calories and sodium are being added as well. There’s nothing wrong with adding extra taste to a meal, but it is important to be aware of what’s being added as well.


Shellfish are ocean-dwelling creatures that have a hard outer shell to protect the body. The meat on shellfish are known to be healthy and nutritious. Examples of shellfish include swimming creatures such as lobster, crayfish or shrimp, as well as oysters, clams or mussels.

Clams are one of the most common shellfish to steam. Garlic, onion, and butter can be added for extra flavor. Herbs and seasonings can be a healthier alternative to add some taste. Clams are low in calories and high in protein, making them an excellent option for those needing extra protein in their diet.

Shrimp can also be a low calorie and high protein option when steamed. Similar combinations with garlic, onion, lemon and herbs give shrimp a rich flavor. Different dipping sauces can be used to add a kick of spice as well.

How to Get Started

Steaming food can be a great alternative to frying it for those looking to lose some weight. When steaming foods, the results do not have to be bland or boring. There are many low-calorie options that are both tasty and delicious. Consider adding extra flavors or spices to meals to change things up. Combining various steamed foods or adding dipping sauces will also help to add flavor to the meal. Overall, steaming foods is an excellent and nutritious way to enjoy a healthy meal.

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