4 Mistakes Homeowners Can Avoid During Laundry Renovation


Doing the laundry for the whole family is a tremendous task in itself. For many people, the endless cycle of cleaning, drying, sorting and folding clothes has instilled a strong hatred for laundries. But it need not be that way. A well-organised and well-designed laundry area can make the entire process extremely efficient and functional. Every part of the laundry has its role, including the washing machine, the sink, storage space and the laundry benchtop. When planned correctly, it can significantly reduce the amount of time one spends doing laundry and make the whole area more spacious and useful. Here are some mistakes one can avoid while building or renovating the laundry.

Designing Without Lifestyle And Future Considerations


While designing any part of the house, it is important to consider the present appliance needs and the future alterations.  For example, those who have a full-time expanding job would benefit from having a condenser dryer or a drying cupboard that can help them save time. Those looking to expand their families in the future might have to keep space for including heavy-duty machines to accommodate all the clothes. It is advised to consider all these points to ensure no inconvenient surprises in the future.

Poorly Planned Storage Space

The functionality of the laundry area is not just to wash the clothes put into the washing machine. It is also an area where laundry items like detergents, washing baskets, hangers, soaps, fabric softeners, bins are stored, and where to-be-washed and washed clothes are placed for sorting or airing. Therefore, it is essential to include a combination of versatile storing and hanging options in the laundry room design. Shelves and cabinets help store the laundry products, built-in cupboards to store the brooms and mops.


Not Installing a Laundry Benchtop

Laundry benchtops or countertops provide the space required to sort the whites and the colours before putting them in the wash or sorting and folding all the clothes neatly after the wash right in the laundry space. Placing these benchtops either over the appliances or the laundry bins will allow one to easily pull the clothes out from the washer and the baskets and sort or fold them out on the bench. Additionally, they add a touch of style and ambience to the laundry area. If there is no space in the room, then pull out benchtops can be installed in a convenient adjoining room to serve the purpose.

Installing a Deep Sink

It is a misconception that a laundry room does not need a sink. Of course, there is a washing machine to clean and dry the clothes, but there are times where certain pieces of clothing are recommended to be hand-washed when one will have to wash them separately by hand. Having a deep sink in the room would help them quickly wash them without running back and forth and wasting time and provide space to fill the mop bucket or wash hands after doing the laundry and maintaining neatness throughout the process.

Poor Ventilation Planning  

Suffice to say that laundry areas are damp spaces. The wet clothes, the washing, the condensation, windows, and exhaust fans are a must with sweaty unwashed clothes, the wet clothes, the washing, the condensation, windows, and exhaust fans. Proper ventilation ensures that the clothes or the room don’t smell musty and avoid long-lasting damage to the laundry.