4 Mistakes to Avoid In Sales Training

If you happen to be sales associate, then you are going to play a crucial role in closing deals for your business. In past few years, online sales have taken-off where the executives don’t have much role to play. But that doesn’t mean that physical stores have closed. Every year significant money is spent in the walk-in stores where associates have a significant role to play. And it is where the executive sales training helps you in grabbing a large share. As an associate, you have the power to attract new consumers, and that’s why you should have the right skills for the job. If you are planning to join an external provider or attend in-house training here are some mistakes that you should be avoiding:

Learning Needs Aren’t Defined Properly

Can you expect to succeed if you hardly know what the objective of the training is? The training is least likely to succeed if it is not based on concrete goals. The objectives of the training should be set after proper analysis. The training is most likely to be a failure if goals are not well-defined and are unattainable. And you don’t know how to reach those goals with each passing session of training. It is the responsibility of the coaches to analyze the weakness of the participants and also identify the skill gaps as well. If they kept on imparting the training before identifying the gap the time and energy will all be a waste.

The Training is not well imbibed

Habits are formed over a period of many years, and you should not expect an overnight change in selling behavior. If you think that 2-3 days of training will be enough to replace years of past-learning, then you have to start better practicing. It is seen that most of the participants who undergo training, forget the learned skills and knowledge. They lose motivation, and the effectiveness of the learning decreases over time. It is only through repetitive practice you will be able to completely assimilate the training. You’ll have to do a lot of real selling to change the selling behavior permanently.

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Lacks Focus

Almost every training focuses on building the sales skills as it is what you may need to succeed. While the sales skills are the very foundation, but equally important is solid sales knowledge. As an associate, you must have the skills to understand the needs of the buyer fill your sales funnel and have the negotiation skills. But you must also be able to speak about the product and services. You must understand the critical needs of the customer that you intend to solve. In short, you must be able to offer a strong value proposition to the customer without which you are more likely to fail. Most of the executive sales training program often ignore this very important aspect and make the mistake of focusing on the sales skills only.

Not Personalized

It is very much possible that you are being imparted training in the team. But are two salespeople alike? No. The training should be personalized to bring right changes to the selling behavior that you might have. Such personal attention goes a long way in creating top-performers. So be sure to check that the training brings in the desired particular attention as well.


When you are planning to join an executive sales training just make sure that it follows a system that you may follow even after the training is over. It will help you in bringing desired results in the long run.

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