Monday, September 25, 2023
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4 Obligatory Smart Devices for an Automated Office

Contemporary entrepreneurs are encouraged to move towards office automation. Although some of you might be suspicious about this whole story of smart devices used for business purposes, it’s logical to expect that a company will grow faster if all its segments are integrated. But what devices should be first on your list if you wish to automate some of your office features? The following overview might help in making the right decision for your business budget.

Philips Hue 2.0 and thrifty lights

Every business spends a substantial amount of money on different energy features. Out of various energy consumers, office lights are one of the most prominent ones. So, if your business premises are situated in a dark region or you have many offices, getting a smart lighting device is a must. For instance, the Philips Hue 2.0 series of products can meet the ecological and lighting demands of every business owner. First you need to obtain a Philips Hue Bridge device and then some Philips Hue light bulbs. The former is basically a hub and the latter are the lights that will give your smart office warmth and energy with an extremely low consumption rate.

Dell Smart Printer S2830dn and wireless office3

When entrepreneurs talk about smart office solutions nowadays, they usually discuss gadgets. While they definitely introduce a new work culture to every single office, let’s not forget about some old-school devices that have been given some smart functions. For instance, if you want to make your office look like a modern work unit, you should go for modern, wireless solutions. In line with that, equipping your office with Dell Smart Printer S2830n is a great move towards a higher level of office automation. This affordable printer can be connected to a computer via both Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections. As for the speed, it can print 24 double-sided pages and 34 single pages per minute. In addition, it has a slot for a flash drive, as well.

Nest learning Thermostat and energy efficiency

The first generation of the Nest Thermostat was a ground-breaking device. In the meantime, the Nest Company was purchased by Google, but their revolutionary attitude towards office organization hasn’t waned. On the contrary, the third generation of the Nest Thermostat, also known as the Nest Learning Thermostat, will make every office an energy efficient space. First and foremost, it collects and memorizes the habits of their users from the input received during the use. Those data help this device create patterns and behave in a smart way, such as setting the most optimal temperature for your office or recognizing the location of the smartphones owned by its user(s) and many other options. Based on cutting-edge artificial intelligence, the new Nest Thermostat should become an important part of every modern office.

Doorbot and security

No matter how avid a technological enthusiast a business person might be, there are always some worries about the security level of an automated office. From physical safety details to the security level of your Internet connection and cloud features, you have to keep your eyes wide open. For instance, the worries about physical safety can be resolved by opting for a Doorbot security device. This doorbell with an integrated camera and a Wi-Fi connection to your smartphone enables you to see who’s ringing on your door, as well as to communicate with them before letting them in.

As for the risks regarding the data, you have to make a good choice of the Internet provider. Learn more about backup plans offered by your provider. Their cloud solutions matter most here, since your smart office data is kept on the cloud. Also, inquire about the web hosting options used by that provider. You have a right to know how and where your provider keeps their data. Their safety policy affects your business, as well, so insist on finding out more about it.

Implementing modern smart devices will become the key aspect of every business in the near future. If you want to stand at the front of the crew of business prodigies turning to automated offices, start using those handy devices as soon as possible. It will ensure faster work flow and better organization of your business.

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