4 Office Admin Recruitment Tips for Job Search


If you are wondering why you need the services of a recruitment agency for permanent or temporary recruiting needs, there are countless reasons why you can benefit from the services offered. Some of the leading benefits that you will enjoy when it comes to incorporating Recruitment services for your hiring process include flexibility, liability, cost and time saving, as well as exposure to expertise.

If you are searching for an office recruitment job in London, here are some useful tips to help you land your dream job.

Register at the Agency

Presently, many recruitment agencies allow candidates to upload their resumes. So, it is advisable to register on these recruitment agencies websites. Although the jobs may be replicated, your efforts will certainly not be wasted. In fact, companies provide recruitment services via third-party organisations. Therefore, you may be given a priority if the hiring company already has your details in their database. Additionally, some agencies incorporate modern tools that assist them in screening potential candidates.

Create a Personalised Job Search Email Address

You may receive a lot of spam emails when you register with different job recruitment services. As a result, your contact details can be sold from time to time. In case of recruitment services, the administrators on the job boards will not even allow their customers to access your personal info on their website. Therefore, it would be wise if you created an email account dedicated for job hunt to lower chances of spam emails being sent to your account.

Get a Phone Number Designed for Job Search Only

After creating an email account, you need to get a personal telephone number for job search. Else, you can create a free Google Voice account where the calls to this account can be forwarded to your phone number. If you aren’t available, the caller will undoubtedly be able to leave a voicemail message to you. Additionally, Google Voice can transcribe the message into text. By doing this, you will significantly lower the chances of receiving unwanted messages and calls to your number.

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Present Your Best Self

It is possible to control how you present yourself on these sites. Thus, you can incorporate this tactic when looking for a dream office admin job. On your profile, include as much info as you can from your previous jobs. The more information you add about yourself, the better. For instance, you can list how the skills you possess helped you in your previous job.

It is an incredible feeling to know that someone is willing to help you secure a job. Generally, a reputable recruitment agency will offer a supportive network to you and take you through various roles that may be beneficial for you. As a result, you will be totally briefed and ready for any interview that may come along your way.