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4 Organizing Hacks to Declutter Your House and Life

Every once in a while, you might feel a sudden urge to declutter your living space. Chances are that in most cases the scenario goes as follows: you take all of the clutter and group it in the middle of the room, you start sorting and folding things, you get bored mid-way through and you simply end up abandoning the project. We are all guilty of – unintentionally – hoarding things until things start to threaten to get out of hand. 

And while some things are easy to declutter and organize, the situation is not the same with everything. Here, we will try to present to you some of the best room-by-room decluttering hacks, so pay attention.

The living room

In the living room, the most common clutter-causing culprit are various magazines and newspaper people still tend to hold onto. Aside from them, people usually tend to leave their keys, sunglasses, and other items similar to these they use daily on the coffee table. The third most common group of items that cause clutter are the remote controls and throw blankets. To keep ever looking nice and tidy, get rid of all the magazines and newspapers you likely won’t go through ever again and organize what’s left in a cute little magazine holder you can even make yourself. Furthermore, get a so-called “junk bowl” – a small bowl where you’ll keep your keys, sunglasses and other items that don’t seem to fit anywhere else. Also, you can consider getting a remote tray where you can keep all of your remote controllers nicely grouped and organized. Finally, get a wicker basket for storing all the throw blankets when nobody’s using them.

The bedroom

There’s usually not a lot of clutter in people’s bedrooms. However, one thing that can get a bit out of hand is clothes. More specifically, we’re talking about the clothes that are too dirty for the wardrobe and too clean for the washer. So, what you can do to get rid of this problem is to get a nice divider screen and attach small hooks on the back of it. This will provide you with a place to hold all of those clothing items away from immediate sight, which will make the room look more organized and clean. 

The kitchen

Arguably, kitchens are the messiest of places in people’s homes. Not only are these areas commonly filled with dirty dishes and other food prepping items, but all of those food containers don’t quite attribute to a clean aesthetics. That’s why you should first organize your pantry by getting clear food containers of various sizes and storing all of your dry food, cereals, kinds of pasta, and various powder products in them. Additionally, instead of having to deal with storing various spice packaging get your hands on nice spice jars made of durable glass, that can easily be stacked and organized however you like. These will not only make all of your food and spices look sleeker and better organized, but you will also be able to keep track of the ingredients you have, as well as the ones you’ll soon need to replace or repurchase.

The bathroom

Bathrooms are another area of any house that is somewhat tricky to organize. Most of us have tons of shampoo, conditioner and shower gel bottles stacked either on our bathtubs or our shower shelves and the reality is that we don’t really need that many. So, first, get rid of the things you don’t actually need – consider donating it to your local shelter instead of simply throwing it out. Once you’ve decluttered you can buy glass shampoo and shower gel bottles and repackage the products. This way, everything will look sleeker and more sophisticated. Also, make sure you recycle the original packaging! Additionally, go through your medicine cabinet and vanity, get rid of everything you’re not really using and get cute organizing bins to store neatly everything that’s left. Finally, if you don’t already, make sure you get some nice laundry baskets to keep your dirty clothes stored away neatly.
Getting our homes organized and decluttered is very important as a clean and organized home is a happy home. That’s why you should try out these organizing tips and get back in charge of not just your home but your life as well.

Chloe Taylor
Chloe Taylor
Chloe is a graduated journalist from Adelaide and a regular contributor to Smooth Decorator. She loves everything related to decor, aesthetic and lifestyle topics. She is also passionate about photography. Her biggest dream is to travel the whole world and take some stunning photographs of beautiful places. Beside all this, she enjoys drinking coffee and reading a beautiful book from time to time. You can find her on Facebook, Twitter, G+
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