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4 Popular Trends in Maternity Wear 2021

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Being a mother in 2021 is not only about taking care of your child but also living a comfortable and fashionable life. You don’t have to sacrifice your style for being fashionable those nine months. With the growing bump, you’ll need clothes that are adjustable and also give support to your baby bump. Hence, you’ll always require maternity clothing. 

Pregnancy is not always about cuteness. You’ll also face a few inconveniences like morning sickness, weight changes, big belly, back pain, swollen feet, mood changes, these are all the non-comfortable parts of pregnancy we should deal with. Hence, during such challenging times, one thing that can be good is your pregnancy style. 

Whether you’re planning a baby or a pregnant woman walking into 2021 with a beautiful bump, check out these 5 points that are set to be 2021 trendsetters in maternity fashion! 

Colour Trends for Maternity Dresses

2021 maternity fashion is set to dominate colours which are natural and neutral. Mothers-to-be will favour basic nude shades. 

Few of these trendy colours are black, white, blue, grey, yellow, green and its dark and light shades, brown and red. Whether you’re looking at winter wear or summer wear, check out clothes that look bright and happy! 

Leggings in Maternity Clothing

Leggings remain as one of the staples of maternity wear. You’ll find a range of leggings for your comfort. In your first and second semester, you can even wear your usual, old ones. But by the end of the second trimester, it is preferable to buy one pair of maternity leggings and leggings just for your big belly comfort.

If you don’t want to indulge a lot in leggings, then buy an essential pair of either black or grey leggings as they can be paired up with a vast number of tops and tunics. 

Jackets for Cold Weather

As fall sets you’ll need winter clothes which are long-sleeved and of warm dress material. Make sure you layer up for freezing days and don’t forget to buy at least one perfect maternity sweater. 

Look for jackets of all styles, whether unstructured or trench coat styled, these will not only help you to protect yourself from the cold but on regular days also help you style a dull outfit with some zing. Besides, they can also be used during the nursing period to make breastfeeding easier. Opt for maternity midi dresses, ribbed knit and nursing knit dresses, wrap dresses, which nicely shape the body.

Cute Summer Dresses 

As summer comes around, shift to bright, cheerful colours and dresses that will be loose and not stick to your body. Opt for tunic dresses and maxi dresses which shape your belly nicely. Wrap-around dresses, oversized tops, button-down shirts all can be worn freely during pregnancy.

The trendiest tops are those with natural colours, floral prints, cute baby prints right on the belly, maternity tank tops for summer, or yoga, maternity t-shirts, maternity pull-overs with bottoms, sash tie blouses, and so much more.

Keep this list in handy while shopping for your maternity wear this new year. For a variety of more options and high-quality clothing, don’t forget to visit Mystere Paris. 


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