4 PPC Marketing Tips For Lawyers To Win More Clients


Most attorneys feel that advertising does not possess great benefits for their profession. They must get rid of this misconception as soon as possible. If you are a law firm owner then conduct a local Google search for your practice area right now. Chances are that ads will be the first two entries on the SERP followed by other result types. In this article, we are discussing some PPC marketing tips for lawyers. You can use these suggestions to get in front of relevant audiences and boost your conversions. Pay-per-click advertising involves the payment of a specified fee by the advertiser only when the advert is clicked. You can hire marketing for attorneys and law firms to handle your campaign or you can use the following suggestions to do the job yourself.

1.Conduct Competitor Research And Highlight Your USP

Law is an intensely competitive field and it can be difficult for a small law firm to beat its rivals to get in front of the target audience. You must start by conducting competitor research to know the kind of strategies your rivals are using. Check out the kind of call to actions they are using. This will give you a good idea of the tactics that you must use. However, you must not try to blindly ape a top-performing competitor. On the contrary, you must emphasize on any differentiating factors that your firm possesses. Highlight whatever you consider being the unique selling point (USP) of your agency. Do you offer round-the-clock client service or an initial free consultation? Include these factors in your adverts to encourage searchers to click on them.

2. Align Your Campaigns To Searcher’s Intent

It is essential that your campaign reflects your searcher’s intent. People need attorneys for a variety of purposes. An entrepreneur may need legal assistance to contest a tax notice and a housewife will require a lawyer to end an unhappy marriage. The intent of a searcher will be different in each case. A businessperson will be looking to resolve the issue quickly but he will consider numerous options before choosing an advisor. On the other hand, a person in a troubled relationship will be looking to break the alliance as soon as possible. The content of the campaign must be aligned with this intent. There is no use in saying that you can win a high alimony amount for clients when the person is looking for a quick divorce. Understand your ideal searcher’s intent and then craft your message accordingly.

3. Calls Must Be Your Top Priority

This is one of the most important PPC marketing tips for lawyers. As a law firm owner, you must be well aware of the importance of calls. A person calling your office directly is much more likely to give you her case than someone who fills the website contact form. It is not being suggested that other marketing tools like forms must be avoided. However, encouraging clients to make that phone call must be your top priority. You can create call-only campaigns which do not contain a landing page link. Instead, they display the message along with a clickable phone number. This can be especially useful on mobile searches as visitors can easily click the number to dial your firm.

4. Include Videos On Landing Pages

According to a study, more than 50% of internet users watch online videos every day. Another research indicates that videos will form over 80% of the total consumer internet traffic by 2022. These statistics indicate that visual-based content must be a key part of your promotional strategy. You can include a clip on your landing page associated with the campaign. Instead of going through the text, visitors can watch the video. You can include a clip of yourself explaining very briefly how you will provide an effective solution. Remember to keep the focus on the target audience’s pain points and your differentiating factors. Another tactic that can be used for influencing people is including video testimonials from former clients. Hearing from a person who was caught up in a similar situation can encourage people to contact your firm.

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Paid search can be a powerful tool in reaching out to relevant audiences and winning new clients. These PPC marketing tips for lawyers will help you in planning an effective campaign that impresses your audience by addressing their concerns.

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