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4 Productive Cloud Storage Solutions for Businesses

In this fast-moving digital world, not only big organizations but small organizations also need their data to be available on the go. Hassle of managing storage devices has become an old method for storing business data. Cloud storage offers seamless access to the data which is secured on highly secure and regularly backed-up systems. We are going to explore 5 of the best cloud storage solutions for businesses in this article.


Not just a place for storing your company data, Cloud Storage also offers ease of file sharing and collaboration. Companies like pCloud have come a long way ahead in data collaboration features. Cloud storage platforms serve quite a lot of lucrative options for businesses.


Since the pandemic has affected our workings and office structures, Cloud Storage has become an essential solution for any business. While working from home, your employees can easily store, access, and collaborate company files too with complete security.

pCloud - Military Grade Encryption


There are several cloud storage options available on the internet but pCloud is among the most creative ones. It is a complete and most secure cloud storage platform where you can store your sensitive data and precious files. They have designed some tools in the platform that makes it easier for businesses to collaborate and share files. You can set access levels of files depending on the authority of the employee and group permissions. One folder can be shared among many employees and they can comment and leave their words over a file in the comment section which will be visible to other employees. A detailed activity log gathers all the information and activities that happened over a specific file.


Generally you can buy pCloud for your business at $7.99 per month but during the pCloud black friday sale, you can grab it for as low as 85% OFF on general pricing.

Amazon Web Services for Businesses

As we all know, Amazon Web Services is among the leading web services providers on the internet. Millions of websites and businesses use their services for running a website, an application, business platforms, and much more. The best thing about Amazon AWS is that their pricing is quite reasonable and the quality is the highest. You can even choose to pay as you go depending on the services you need. There is no upfront cost for using their services. If you plan to make a reservation for services for a specific period, you can avail of more discounts on your bill.


As your consumption grows, the price of services will go down as amazon offers the best pricing in the industry and they care about the pocket of their customers without sacrificing the quality of services.

Citrix ShareFile - Enterprise Solution


Citrix’s FileShare is among the most popular enterprise cloud storage services on the internet. It is quite popular among businesses around the globe. As in the age of pandemic, remote working is the mainstream mode of working until everything gets settled like before, but still, most of the big organizations have adopted the remote working concept and they are generating good productivity with it. So, cloud storage has become an important tool for any business. Without investing in expensive hardware, you can simply have ShareFile for your business and all your employees will be able to collaboratively work on company files and data with complete security.

Dropbox for Business - All-in-One Place

We all have heard about DropBox, it is among the most easy-to-use cloud storage services for both personal and business purposes. DropBox is a well-known document management system that we popularly know as a cloud storage service. Any size of company and storage need can use DropBox as they have an enterprise plan that takes care of the needs of businesses. Employees of the companies can easily work with files, collaborate, talk, and do much more on the cloud. Dropbox Paper is a tool provided by DropBox to enterprise users that helps in real-time collaboration. Extensions allow you to integrate more features and functionalities into your cloud workspace. Along with this, there are a lot more things that DropBox offers to its enterprise users.

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