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4 Questions to Ask Before Going for DIY Electric Bike Conversion

Electric Bike Conversion Kit

Electric bike are a clean and green method and building your e-bike is not just possible, but it is affordable as well. Use these tips to get started on your electric bike:


1. What’s wrong with Your Traditional Bike?

There is nothing wrong with manually pedaled bicycles, and they are complete fun. They are inexpensive and simple to work and maintain as well.  They do not pollute either. But an electric bike offers some more advantages over the standard bike to include the speed and the convenience. You can travel long distances without making much effort offer the benefit of speed and convenience. You will require far less effort to travel from one place to the other. But before spending a significant amount of money to get from one place to the other, you should consider getting a DIY electric bike conversion kit.


2. Why Are People Switching To Commuting To An E-Bike?

People have their reasons to make a switch to the e-bikes. The key e-bike users are college students and young professionals who make use of e-bikes as an alternative to buy a car or relying on public transport. The main benefits are commuting by your schedule, not paying for the car, insurance, parking, or a yearly bus pass. The e-bike users are now able to beat the traffic and are not polluting their counterparts. Then many like to get into cycling because they have grown old and they have not been able to succeed. With the help of an e-bike they can again get back on two wheels, and they can control the pedaling as well and how much they are being assisted by the motors.


3. What Are The Benefits Of Building A DIY E-Bike Versus A Retail Bike?

The main benefits are price and the custom specifications. You can save money and get the exact speed, range, and other power parameters. When you are not buying a readymade bike, then you are not paying for the extra mark-ups which are added to the price of the bike otherwise. Instead, you can buy an electric bike conversion kit for a much lesser amount than the cost of retail bikes. When you are purchasing a kit, you can choose the one which is most suitable for you. You can start with a better quality bike. When you are saving money on the kit, you can make use of these savings to get a better quality bike first.


4. What Does An E-Bike Conversion Involve?

If you want to convert any standard bicycle into an e-bike, you need to install the battery, the controller and throttle as well.  You can easily find all the parts in one kit.


In the End

If you are going for the DIY electric bike conversion kit, then you need to ask these questions first before buying one.

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