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4 real facts about PVC pipe fittings

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We all know the fundamental things about the PVC material like why is it used and where it is used. Pipe manufacturer in India manufacturing the products with high-quality raw material  These products simplify the industrial and residential water and liquid transportation needs.


People have shared and defined different views and opinions regarding these products. These facts are not completely true. In our day-to-day life, we hear words that do not meet the product specifications but we keep believing that.


We begin this post with the true factor of PVC pipes so you will be more familiar with the correct uses of it.

What are true and false facts about PVC fittings?

  • Wall-scheduling Truth of PVC

In the pipe manufacturing industry, three types of pipe schedules have been introduced that are known as schedule 40, schedule 80, schedule 120. All these pipe materials are used for different purposes according to the requirement of application areas and the construction work installation process.


You can simply differentiate the variants by their color like schedule 40 is manufactured in white color while the schedule 80 pipe is manufactured in grey color. There is no change in the exterior diameter of both pipes but the schedule 40 pipe is comparatively thinner than the schedule 80pipe.


PVC pipe and pipe fittings are two different types of products. To identify the scheduling of fittings you can determine by its color, schedule 40 pipe fittings inner diameter is similar to schedule 80 but the change will be displayed on the exterior side.


To make your pipe and pipe fitting selection is easier here is a tip for you:

1pipe+1 fitting

2 pipe+2fitting 


  • False fact about schedule 80

You may have heard from the people that schedule 80 pies can be used to install electrical things. There are no standards and approvals ahead of time that it is suitable for electrical application and practices. Although schedule 80 pipes facilitate the same plumbing and drainage system it is highly recommended not to use schedule 80 pipes for electrical work.


To make the proper commercial electrical and plumbing facilities you should purchase the right type of pipe and PVC fittings PPR.


  • High wall thickness, sustainable fittings

The selection of the right fitting is essential to get a flawless supply of any type of transportation. It is said if the wall-thickness is higher it will sustain for a long time but high wall thickness may change the behavior of transportation of electricity and liquids and you may have to face the problem because of the inappropriate selection of ppr pipe fitting and PVC fittings. 


As schedule 80 fittings are designed with high-thickness that gives the small space for water transportation. Schedule 40 pipe fittings are suitable for the potable water, irrigation processes, to construct a golf course, pool, and spa.


Schedule 80 pipe fittings are suitable for high-pressure industrial purposes chemical processing, industrial plating, deionized water lines, chemical drainage work, and waste material.


Always use the same scheduled fittings combination to adjoin the pipes and set up a system. 


  • Valves and fittings fact


Fittings are only referred to as pipes; they do not have anything to valves. Instead of wall thickness, you should ask the pipe companies in India for the valve pressure capacity. We hope that now you will not be mistaken during the selection and purchasing of PVC pipe.

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