Wednesday, September 27, 2023
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4 Reasons Attorneys Should Learn Programming

Once upon a time, computer science was a specialized field reserved for those hoping to go into a related industry. But now, almost anyone, in any industry, can benefit from having some programming tools in their belt. Lawyers, in particular, have the skills and business needs to make them suited to programming. Here are a few reasons why an attorney should get some programming experience.

1. Problem-Solving

What most people don't realize about programming is that often it's more about puzzling out issues and solving problems than actively coding. Anyone who can't stand sitting still for hours thinking about a single issue probably isn't suited to programming. And this is one big thing that programmers and lawyers have in common.

DUI lawyers Seattle often have to use whatever data they have available to them to solve problems and make informed decisions for their clients. If you're an attorney looking to improve your problem-solving skills and logical process, learning to code can be incredibly helpful. In addition, both lawyers and coders have to be comfortable casting a wide net to get help solving problems. Collaboration is a big part of both industries.

2. "Coded" Language

Another thing that programming and the law have in common is their use of coded language. The law has a language that is used to test, re-test, and think through solutions to problems. Science, math, and logic are all integrated into practicing law, just like they are in computer science. This is one big reason why attorneys might take to programming more quickly than expected.

Whether you're creating code to a client's specifications or defending their interests in court, you'll be interpreting and using data to test possible solutions and come up with a logical result. Learning to code as a lawyer will help you learn to "zoom out" in difficult situations to see the bigger picture and come up with a logical solution.

3. Automating Work

So now you know the ways a lawyer might be suited to programming work. Now you're probably wondering how lawyers specifically can benefit from programming in their day-to-day lives. One of the biggest advantages of learning how to program is the ability to automate so many tasks.

You'll be able to get tasks done to your specifications and without an expensive computer program. You can automate emails and other aspects of workflow that would otherwise take crucial time out of your day. You can also set up any accounting or payment processes to be automated so you'll never have to worry about late payments or bills again. 

4. Utilizing Data

The importance of data in law practice has already been mentioned, but it really can't be overstated. Having programming skills will give you some great tools to use and interpret data in different ways. Whether you're sifting through mountains of case files or hunting down a folder on an old machine, programming can help you sort through and assimilate all that data.

Having the data isn't enough - it has to be accessible and readable to be used. Programming can help you create tables to store data for easy access later on, beyond the average Excel spreadsheet. Understanding programming will make you a hero wherever you work. Case files that once took hours to sort through will now be a neat, orderly list on your computer.

It'll be easier to share and communicate data across your firm or practice, and easier to use the data to its fullest potential. Plus, there are specific courses out there for lawyers hoping to learn how to code. If that's something you're interested in, here's a great list of possible programs that you could easily complete and start learning to code in no time. 

No matter what kind of law you practice or where your specialties lie, any lawyer can benefit from learning to code. Get some programming knowledge and start seeing the benefits in your law practice right away. 



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