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4 Reasons English Majors are The Most Sought-After Hires

In recent years there has been a growing popularity of students pursuing English as their majors. Today, more students opt for such degrees as it promises diverse career opportunities with increased chances to get hired. With apt communication, analytical, and writing skills, these individuals benefit companies in various ways. For instance, students with excellent written communication skills can create flawless yet engaging content for employers to attract and influence potential clients and customers.

Presently, employers look for employees with both hard and soft skills. Liberal arts graduates, particularly with English majors, make perfect candidates for such employers. For example,professional writers are best for email communication, technical writing, creating eye-catchy marketing copy, etc.Since the English language is recognized aslingua franca,these graduates can handle communication processes with international clients. These evergreen and versatile skills give them a competitive edge amongst other graduates, thus making them the most sought-after hires for any company.

Besides, other prominent reasons behind their increasing demand in the job market are discussed below.

1.       Effective communication skills

One of the primary reasons companies prefer post-graduate students with English majors is their exceptional communication skills. Students with a degree in Englishmajorsare well versed in both verbal and nonverbal communication skills, which are integral for the growth and success of any organization. For example, they possess the ability to convey their ideas and thoughts cohesively, which makes it easier for others to understand them.

More importantly, they are able tounderstand nonverbal cues that make them valuable assets for a company. Due to various benefits, today, students can opt for an English degree online,for acquiring professional skills and knowledge, beneficial in the competitive job market.

2. Strong critical thinking and Research skills

Critical thinking refers to the individual’s ability to think logically and draw well-informed conclusions. Businesses need employees that can provide them well-informed solutions through critical thinking. For instance, in journalism, employers seek professionals who can analyze ideas from various perspectivestomake unbiased and value-basedconclusions which makes these graduates the best fit for this job.

Besides, these students are further equipped with excellent research skills since they are ableto use the right keywords,making it possible for them to extract the required information in less time.

In many cases, these graduateshelp in identifying the potential opportunities and threats faced by an enterprise. In turn, this assists a company in making wise decisions, which are beneficial for its growth. Similarly, extensive research is imperative during product and brand development to identify the buying patterns of customers. Once a company is aware of its customers’ needs, it is easier to launch a successful product.


3. Exceptional writing skills

These skills are the foremost requirement for any organization. According to Statista, 84% of respondents highlighted written communication as the most valued skill in the Public Relations (PR) industry. Liberal Arts students, in particular, with English majors, possess excellent writing skills that make them the most sought-after hires. They can write well-structured client proposals toattract more clients and leads for higher revenues.

Also, their excellent writing ability makes them effective marketers. For example, businesses require great content as part of their social media marketing strategy. Employees with English majors can develop valuable content that helps in attracting a wider audience. With a flair for words, they can build an emotional appeal with the target audience. It enables a company to sell its products effectively to a diverse audience.Furthermore, today companies require email and chat support specialists with top-notch writing skills. Hence, English majors can address customer needs by responding to them over emails for assistance and support.


4.Strong life skills

English majors possess a variety of life skills that makes them a perfect fit for a company. They are empathetic- that is, they are well aware of their own emotions and can understand the feelings of others. It allows them to build a deep connection with their coworkers, employers, and clients. Moreover, they are self-confident and motivated. These qualities enable them to become successful team leaders. Moreover, they possess excellent work ethics and display a positive attitude towards work. It makes them venerable and highly useful assets for any company. Today, education institutions focus more on developing life skills among students due to their growing importance in the corporate sector.

Key Takeaways

Companies prefer employees with English majors due to the immense qualities they possess. Their exceptional communication skills allow them to deliver their thoughts in a precise manner. With great critical thinking and problem-solving skills, they help a business in making valuable decisions. Moreover, with a strong command of language and impressive writing skills, students with English majors can draft strong proposals and memos to attract investors and clients.

Also, with the ability to conduct thorough research, they help organizations in making value-based decisions. However, what makes them truly stand out among other graduates is their exceptional life skills which makes them empathetic and confident individuals. Altogether, these qualities make them a valuable asset for an organization.

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