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4 Reasons to Complete a Certified Network Defender Course

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Any IT professional who wants to advance their skill set and seek out new career opportunities should consider doing a certified network defender course. This is a hands-on and all-inclusive network security certification training course that teaches skills businesses look for to ensure their cyber security is intact.

This article will look at the various reasons why doing a certified network defender course is a worthwhile endeavour, benefiting both IT professionals and the organisations that employ them.

 1. Learn the Fundamentals of Computer Network and Defence

It’s vital for businesses to hire IT professionals with knowledge of cyber security, providing a defence against data breaches while also allowing day-to-day operations to continue without interruption.

Certified network defender courses are designed to upskill network administrator’s on the operations and processes related to protecting, defending and responding to threats the network is experiencing.

The work conducted by certified network defenders can include testing a network to find any weaknesses, installing security software, evaluating and monitoring networks, and performing other network related duties.

Participants in this course will be taught how to protect, detect and respond to network attacks. This includes learning about:

·         Network security threats, vulnerabilities and attacks

·         The application of network security controls, tools, protocols and devices

·         Network security policy design and implementation

·         Implementing physical security and host security

·         Securing the configuration of firewalls, IDS and VPN

·         Network traffic signature, analysis and vulnerability scanning

·         Design network security policies and incident response plans.


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 2. Cyber Breaches Must Be Prevented At All Times

Hackers often try to access an organisation’s confidential data in order to commit various types of fraud against clients or threaten to send the data to competitors. For this reason, all types of businesses must employ an IT professional who is both dedicated and capable of ensuring your digital property is always safe. By hiring a certified network defender, your data will always be protected and only accessible to your employees.

 3. Long Term Employment Opportunities

Organisations must ensure they have maximum cyber defence capabilities, as cyber breaches can cause significant financial ramifications and damage your company’s reputation. Unfortunately, many organisations are still at risk at having their cyber security compromised despite their efforts to prevent this from happening. In fact, the amount of cyber security breaches companies experience has risen by 1370% over the last ten years. This disturbing figure is why organisations hire certified network defenders who have been taught how to protect, detect and respond to network threats.

With this in mind, maintaining cyber security will always be a permanent and very important requirement for organisations. There will always be a demand for certified network defenders who are up-to-date with the skills required for the job, giving these IT professionals more career stability.

4. Opportunities for Career Advancement and a Higher Salary

As certified network defender courses provide vendor-neutral certifications, IT professionals with this certification can use the skills they have acquired with various types of technology used by different organisations.



For organisations looking for an IT professional with this skill set, having this certification substantiates that they’re up-to-date with the latest network security domains. This in turn can mean that employees with this certification receive more promotions in their line of work and much higher salaries than those who don’t.

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