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4 Reasons to Consider Twitter Moments in Your Next Social Media Strategy

Social media is a heavily utilized marketing platform. Because of their large user base, and their proven effectivity, social media continues to be an excellent channel that should not be taken for granted. Among the most popular social network that is used for marketing is Twitter.

There are many ways for which you do your Twitter marketing. You can make use of regular tweets to share promotional photos, videos, and even text posts. There are also paid ads that allow you to target your audience. But perhaps one of the less talked about ways to do so is Twitter Moments. But what is Twitter Moments and what can it do for your Twitter marketing initiatives?

What are Twitter Moments?

Twitter Moments refer to stories that look like slideshows for which a user can create by stitching together multiple tweets about a particular topic. Twitter Moments was first released in 2015 but was rolled-out to the public only in September 2016.

How to create a Twitter Moment?

Creating a Twitter Moment is a straightforward task. It involves the following steps:

Go to the Moments tab on your profile

Select the “Create new Moment” option.

Provide a title and a description.

Add content from any of the following:

  • Tweets that you have liked or favorited
  • Tweets from specific accounts
  • Tweets via Twitter search
  • Tweets via its link

You may select a cover from your tweets.

Then, publish it.

Note: You may click on the up or down arrow on the right side of your tweets to rearrange them. You may also click on the delete button to remove any of your selected tweets from your Moment. At any time, you may choose to Finish later to save your Moment as a draft.

You may also initiate the creation of a Moment from any Tweet. Just click on the drop-down and then select New Moment, or if you have drafted, those will show as well.

Why should you consider Twitter Moments in your next social media strategy?

Twitter Moments is a unique way to tell a story on Twitter. And with it, you can also come up with creative social media marketing strategies that, when pulled off correctly, will yield great results. Here are some ways on how you can make use of Twitter Moments for your social media strategy:

Share breaking news

Studies show that more than a quarter of American adults source their news from social media. The nature of Twitter makes it an excellent platform for communication, and so it has become a haven for those who would like to get their news from.

While regular Tweets can be used for daily news, you can come up with something special for more significant news. And this goes well, especially when there is news about your business, and you would like to come up with a great way to showcase it.

Or, you can also come up with a Moment for your take on specific breaking issues that you believe can positively affect your business.  

Create fun round-ups

Customer engagement is among the goals that many marketers put into their social media strategy. You can make use of Twitter Moment to achieve that through a round-up.

While round-ups usually mean that an expert will share his expertise, as well as valuable insights, to an audience, it can also say a simple discussion that you can share with your audience. You start a topic and ask your followers to respond. This may either be answering a question, sharing an experience, telling their dream, or sending their photos.

This will be a fun way to engage your audience, which can help achieve many great benefits such as brand awareness and brand loyalty.

Make conversations happen on Twitter

Aside from initiating conversations through round-ups, you can also spark conversations either by starting a new topic or by jumping in a trending topic — the way to maximize this through the use of a well-crafted hashtag. Or, you can only create a moment out of trending hashtags, choosing the best Tweets about it in the process.

Whatever path you decide on taking, it’s all about engaging your audience with exciting topics that can help you make conversations happen with them. So you should always be aware of hot topics circulating the Internet, and you should also be timely in starting a Moment as it happens. And when you have a brilliant idea that you believe can trend, take a leap of faith and make a start the wave, then boost it with a Moment.

Resurface your old tweets

With more and more tweets being added every minute, it wouldn’t take a long while before your tweets get buried down on an ocean of newer tweets. But with the use of moments, you will be able to resurface your tweets. This is especially helpful for the tweets that you know can perform better, but the circumstances of its posting prevented it from realizing its fullest potential.

Through the use of Twitter Moments, you will not just be able to put them in radar again, but you would be able to highlight them more. This will open vast opportunities for your Tweets, and to your marketing strategy as well.

With the understanding that your moment can stand the test of time, it is also best for you to come up with Tweets that are not time-constrained such as links to your evergreen content.

Wrapping Up

Twitter is indeed an important channel to tap for your social media marketing efforts. It allows you to conduct many different ways to promote your brand. Despite less talked about, Twitter Moments can become an effective social media strategy.

Through the guide above, you will be able to create Twitter Moments that can help deliver the results you are hoping to achieve. So craft your Twitter Moments now and see how this can be your next social media strategy.


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About the authorKevin Urrutia is the founder of Voy Media, a Twitter Marketing Agency in NYC. Voy Media believes in the power of Twitter advertising in helping businesses to boost their sales and improve their conversions. Voy Media aids businesses to push the right message to the right audience in order to deliver the right outcomes.

About author

Kevin Urrutia is the founder of Voy Media, a Twitter Marketing Agency in NYC. Voy Media believes in the power of Twitter advertising in helping businesses to boost their sales and improve their conversions. Voy Media aids businesses to push the right message to the right audience in order to deliver the right outcomes.
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