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4 Reasons to Give Yourself a Foot Massage

Our feet carry us around all day, bear the brunt of our morning jog and endure countless evenings in uncomfortable and restrictive shoes. Despite this, they are usually neglected. The benefits of foot massage and Reflexology includes helps treat migraines and headaches, control blood pressure, improves blood circulation, improve energy level, improves nerve sensitivity, helps promote sleep, speed up healing of wounds, improves liver function, treat arthritis, and helps reduce swollen feet. So, getting a healing foot massage is a way, we can treat our feet benefiting our whole body.

Foot Massage London offers a surprising number of health benefits including the following:

Relaxation and Stress Relief:

When looking for stress relief, any type of massage can be relaxing, that can help you let go of the stress you are carrying in your body.  To release stress, people usually tend to consider the neck, shoulders and back as the primary places to massage but a foot massage can be just as effective at easing your worries. Researches showed that staff taking care of dementia patients (a stressful and demanding role) experienced lower levels of anxiety and better moods after just ten minutes of foot massage. Another research has also found that a five-minute foot massage helps to reduce stress in critical care patients. However, a foot or hand rub has been seen to bring emotional comfort to those grieving the death of a loved one.

Better Sleep:

An incredible benefit of reflexology is its ability to help you provide better sleeping patterns and to overcome insomnia. Before you go to bed, massaging your feet help you let go of the day’s stresses making you feel relaxed. To enjoy a really deep sleep, you need to pay special attention to the solar plexus reflex- the most powerful points in the foot and hand reflexology, which houses a lot of your stress. The solar plexus can easily be found by gently squeezing the top of the foot inward and searching a little dimpled space. Massage this area for a blissful night’s rest!

 Improved Circulation:

Our circulation often gets impaired, because of our sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise and restrictive footwear. Ever you get a tingling in your toes for no reason? Ever endure numb or cold feet? Or ever you suffer swellings? These are all the indications of poor circulation in the feet, this is something which you can improve with regular foot massages.

Lower Blood Pressure:

High blood pressure, or hypertension, is a condition that can enhance your risk of suffering a stroke, heart attack or kidney failure. Massaging your feet regularly with lifestyle changes - including eating the right foods can lower your blood pressure levels.

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