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4 Reasons You Get Better Vehicle Maintenance at Authorised Jeep Service Centres

You must adequately maintain your vehicle, whether you drive it daily or only during the weekends, to extend its lifespan. Car servicing is critical to the maintenance program and not having the right hands to carry out the servicing significantly increases the chances of the vehicle breaking down. However, choosing the right shop can be difficult as you have to decide between certified Jeep service centres, chain car repair shops, or smaller independent garages.

Most times, the first option is the smartest decision for various reasons. Here are critical benefits of taking your vehicle to authorised service centres—advantages that chain repair shops and small garages can never bring you.

Free under warranty servicing

A major reason to seek servicing at dealerships is the impact it is likely to have on your warranty. Suppose you have a new Jeep and you run into mechanical problems within its warranty period, all you need to do is go back to the dealership and have your vehicle fixed at no extra cost or minimal cost for major works.

If you are near the dealer you bought your car from, a simple “Jeep new and used dealerships near me” online search may reveal a Jeep authorised service centre close to you. Servicing done at the centre is performed by careful and certified technicians to keep your warranty valid. Plus, they restore your vehicle to the best manufacturer-recommended shape!

Expert and specialist services

Jeep service centres employ manufacturer-certified expert technicians. Jeep specialist training is often only offered to its network of dealerships and also encompasses advisers, service managers, and support staff. This means that the team working on your vehicle has intimate knowledge of how it should perform. 

This knowledge is extremely valuable to the dealership, and it doesn’t come cheap. Many dealerships are offering higher salaries to recruit and keep specialised personnel, which leads to higher labour costs. Despite the high costs, you know you are getting accuracy, expert know-how, and excellent service. 

Huge stock of original spare parts and better equipment

Even as you run a “dealership used cars near me” Google search, Jeep-authorised service centres have your back. For starters, repairs and improvements for your vehicle at a centre should not take over two hours. This is thanks to a huge stock of spare parts for Jeeps because the professionals at the servicing centre know the most frequent faults such vehicles have in Australia. 

Second, your new used vehicle gets fitted with original parts—albeit at a better price than you would get at a third party auto shop. When supplies are limited for any reason, taking your Jeep to a certified service centre almost always gets you sorted out fast since they prioritise official vehicle service requests. 

Finally, certified technicians use specialised tools to diagnose vehicle problems accurately. The manufacturer also goes the extra kilometre to help their servicing centres acquire the newest vehicle maintenance equipment. This means technicians can work on auto repairs faster and get your car back to you faster too. 

Accurate records

Building a relationship with Jeep-certified new and used car dealers in Brisbane, gives you access to an up-to-date picture of your vehicle’s service and road history. These records are critical when it comes time to sell your vehicle. Even if you are not considering selling the car soon, you have a document reference point for all repairs. 

Plus, once you move to another state, it’s easy to work with another Jeep dealership service centre because the technician has access to local and global resources that include previous repairs and services. 

Final thoughts

Ultimately, you stand to benefit more from trusting Jeep service centres for your new and used car repair and maintenance jobs. 

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