Friday, September 29, 2023
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4 Reasons You Need to Stage Your Home

When you are trying to sell your home, you need to make an excellent impression in the minds of your potential buyers. They have a vision in their mind when they are investing money on a property. You have to anticipate it and create some similar visual for them. Your home is dirty! Well not really, at least not to you anyway. But to potential buyers who are looking to purchase your home, your house should be as pristine as possible. It is necessary so that the buyers can see their dream vision of home in your home. And that is why you need professional staging.

Here’s four reasons you need to stage your home.

1.) More Money!

The sacred words everyone wants to hear: you will get more money, and more offers too. During this process, you will ask yourself, “what is my home worth?” and while staging won’t drastically increase the price of your house, it will increase the offers buyers make.

When your house is staged very nice and neat, people will view it in a better light and be willing to spend some extra cash on buying your house.

In today’s market, there are a lot of buyers, and not a lot of sellers. This means your house is worth more solely because more people want a house. See what I’m saying? When your house is staged and looks nice, more people will be interested in it, and those people who really want it will be willing to pay more.

2.) Mental Move In

Staging your home and making it look the best it can will be great for your bottom line, but also very helpful to your potential buyers.

While they walk through your freshly staged house, they will envision themselves already living there. They will probably move that couch and put another side table in too, and staging your home allows them to really get a sense of what they would put where.

Potential buyers will have an easier time mentally moving into a house that does not look like someone has already set up shop there. Even your online photos will be able to stand out more to buyers touring virtually.

3.)Flaws? Not really!

Your house is not absolutely perfect, so there will be some flaws. Whether they be large problems or small issues, staging your home can help buyers look past them.

To clarify, the problems will still be there, but buyers will be more willing to accept and take them on. Staging can help reassure them that even though the house is not exactly perfect, 99% of it is.

And for the next few weeks or so that you are living there, it will be just like you moved in again!

4.) Getting the Edge

Buyers will be looking for their perfect house, so unless yours really strikes a cord with them, they will be touring a few other houses as well. Getting the edge over the competition is the goal in any sale, and staging is a great way to do that.

Other people will probably be staging their houses too, but for those that do not stage or do not do it well, your house will already appear better in the minds of buyers.

Another way staging helps put you over the edge is if the buyer has a real estate agent. Staging shows the agent the house is worth more, and that higher value will translate to the buyer.

Staging a home is cost effective, will increase your sale price, and gives your home a much needed touch up for potential buyers!

Hope you like the above mentioned reasons about why you need to stage your home which will help you for making the right decision.

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