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4 Secrets to Outsmart Car Dealers

outsmarting car dealer

Buying a car is a huge occasional purchase that can, when considering all the available choices while weighing needs versus wants, can seem overwhelming. As with buying any big-ticket purchase, consumers can largely avoid bad deals and financial stress by arming themselves with the right information. There are distinct considerations for used and new car purchases, but these tips can be applied to both. Let us uncover 4 secrets to outsmart car dealers.

  1. Allow dealers to compete for your sale: 

    There’s no need to drive all over town and haggle. Once you have made a list of the models you want to consider, simply go to the automakers’ websites. Use the “find a dealer” tool and allow dealers to contact you. Don’t shy away from letting dealers know you are talking to others. That puts you in a position of power. Luxury car dealers in Ashton provide best possible prices. One tip: Make sure you get an “out-the-door” price that includes all taxes, fees and extras. You don’t want to bank on an ultra-low price only to discover you also have to pay for multiple extras.

  1. Forget Payments, Talk Price: 

    Dealers will try selling you to a payment per month rather than the price of a car. And when you go that route, nothing in the transaction is as transparent as it should be. Extending your loan period for a more expensive car will give you a lower monthly payment, but will probably mean you're making car payments once your new car is no longer a 'new' car. It's better to buy what you can afford in 48 or 60 monthly payments. In short, get your new car paid off while it's still a new car.

  1. Test drive: 

    In a lot of cases, car buyers ask to test drive a car to be able to determine if the vehicle is the right one for them. So long as you hand over the proper ID and you sign the required documents, a car dealer would be more than happy to hand you the keys to the test vehicle. However, he would also like to exercise more caution when you drive. After all, there are a lot of cases of car theft that occur while a car is being test-driven. During your test drive, be sure that you are aware of any suspicious person or object in your immediate area. And if something does not feel right, proceed to return the car to the dealership as soon as possible.

  1. Time your shopping: 

    If possible, wait until the end of summer. With the holidays coming up, dealerships need to make room for new vehicles and lower prices on older models accordingly. You can also expect more competitive financing offers like zero per cent interest for qualified buyers. Such deals will trickle through the following months, so keep looking out for discounts through October to December. Just don’t get talked into buying the latest model for more.

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