4 Sectors that Can Capitalize on Call Center Services the Most


In today’s competitive business world, businesses are looking gain a competitive edge over their competitors while cutting down their cost of operations. This need has given a rise to the trend of many companies outsourcing their call center services to India. Over a decade ago, there were a handful of sectors that felt the need to outsource their customer service operations or felt the need to hire a call center service provider to carry out various processes. Some of these sectors were telecom, broadband, cable networks and computer hardware & software manufacturers.

However, the scenario has now changed and there are many other industries or sectors that have realized the benefits of outsourcing their call center services. In this post, I will discuss the 4 sectors that are capitalizing or can potentially capitalize on call center services the most.

Healthcare Sector

Whether it is hospitals or medical insurance companies, various healthcare organizations are outsourcing call center services to get important processes like billing, appointment scheduling, reminder calls to patients to fill their prescriptions, insurance claim processing etc. These organizations hire call centers that have the staff with proper knowledge of handling medical processes or a proven track record for the same. Another trend that is picking up is virtual assistant services for doctors that can help their private practices running smoothly by handling all administrative tasks remotely.

Travel Industry

We live in times where we can hail cabs from our smartphones and book flights, trains and buses over the internet within minutes. All these companies, whether they cab providers, airlines or tour & travels Companies have various processes that can be streamlined with the help of call center services. Customers facing challenges booking their airline tickets can be helped using these services, sales of holiday packages can be boosted with outbound and inbound sales processes, customers that are awaiting their cabs can be sent confirmation calls to confirm their bookings using call center services and so many other ways this sector can be helped by outsourcing certain services.

Banking and Financial Sector

From banks to financial institutions like stock brokerages and tax services, all require call center services for various processes. If we talk about stock brokerages, they have call centers call potential clients to convince them to open accounts with them. Banks use these services to sell their products like credit cards, mutual funds, insurance plans or loans to their customers. With more and more banks offering their self-service smartphone applications, they also hire call centers in India to call customers to get these apps downloaded and installed.

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E-Commerce and Logistics

There are many reasons that e-commerce companies need call center services. Their customers can face challenges completing payments for their products. There could be calls about general queries like refunds, returns, product features, complaints, feedback etc. Another challenge is from the logistics end. If your customers do not receive their product on time, they may want to know where their product has reached. How long will it take to be delivered?  There may be coordination needed with the courier company etc. All these challenges can be solved by outsourcing your customer service to a company providing BPO services in India.


This is the present scenario but there is no telling which other sectors will soon join them and realize the benefits of outsourcing BPO Services that can help industries reduce their costs and enhance profitability.