4 Skills That Are Highly Sought After by Employers


Competition for good jobs is fierce. There are many educated people out there vying for the same jobs, so make yourself stand out from the crowd. If you want to be considered a good candidate, then focus on gaining and developing valuable skills that employers are most likely to look for. Here are a few of the most in-demand qualifications out there.

Oral Communication

Being able to communicate well is a vital aspect of any job. Reports need to be compiled and read, emails sent out that are informative and professional, and any number of other daily tasks. All of these require the ability to clearly convey your thoughts and knowledge in written words. While this is an important skill, it's one that many job seekers have mastered due to daily use.

Go one step further by developing your oral communication skills. This is an essential skill to have in any industry where you would find yourself in charge of a group session, or conducting a sales presentation. These presentations are a key way that businesses obtain clients and generate higher revenues, so success is necessary.

A good sales employee will know how to master the art of a great and compelling presentation. First, you need to be knowledgeable about your own product, and the company you are selling to so you can convince them of all the reasons your product would be a good fit for them. You also need good negotiation skills to work out a fair deal that benefits your company. Another aspect of oral communication is persuasion. You've got to be ready to answer any questions and counter any arguments to show why your company is the best option.

Organization and Planning

Good quality work is necessary for any employee to be successful and advance upward in the company. Your work quality is determined by having excellent knowledge, organization, and planning skills, You have to know your job inside and out, and be able to find the answers to any questions you are uncertain of. A good employee stays current with any new information and can effectively manage their time by organizing work in order of importance and planning out their job accordingly to get everything finished.

Problem Solving

Someone that can think on their feet and come up with quick, interesting, and innovative solutions to problems is an asset to any company. Problem solving is a big part of business. It ranges from stepping into a leadership role and delegating tasks to get the job done, to handling an emergency, time-sensitive situation on your own when help isn't available.

An employee that is counted on to make solid decisions for the good of the company is a great blessing and will usually advance quickly.


The ability to work effectively on a team is another highly valued trait for an employee to possess. There are always going to be times when you have to work with a colleague that you don't particularly care for, but you must be able to put personal differences and feelings aside to get the job done with kindness and cooperation.

Teamwork involves recognizing each person's strengths and weaknesses so work can be assigned to the best possible people. You need to quickly evaluate the needs of the project and how to best complete the required tasks. Someone that can take on different roles as needed and adapt to the situation can be very useful.


Spend some time in self reflection and really think about where you shine professionally. What did previous employers compliment you on? Where could you stand to improve yourself a little? Some honest insight can give you the answers you need so you can take any actions necessary to strengthen weak areas and really draw attention to your special skills. Knowing how to develop the right skills, and how to market them to employers, will put you ahead of the game and up your chances of being the coveted new hire.