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4 Super Cool Theme Ideas for Teenage Party

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The teenage years and high school is incomplete without attending, and more importantly, throwing mind-blowing parties. One does not have to rack their brain for party ideas with these 4 stunning themes that will make any party the talk of the town.

  • Carnival Themed Party

Think bright colours, yummy food, fun games and zestful entertainment! One does not have to wait for spring to knock at their door to enjoy the electric vibe of a carnival if they have a backyard. All you need is some of your creative juices to flow and plan like a pro. When it comes to the décor of the party, include vivid colours to give it the carnival feel. Red and white stripes with pops of blue must be included in the décor. Candied apples, popcorn, and cotton candy are indispensible on the food menu and fortunately quite affordable too. Since the entertainment is such a big deal for a carnival, we suggest going for a professional DJ and entertainment service meant for teenage party Melbourne.

  • Bonfire Themed Party

Let’s be honest; the cleaning up post a house party makes most potential hosts ditch the idea of a party completely. So, for those, a bonfire party is the best bet to shine. All you need to look for is a spacious open space like vacant farmland, park or simply your backyard. Build a fire in the centre of the space ideally. The décor is better kept simple yet lively and warm with fairy lights and candle if you prefer. Food is a huge part of a bonfire party and must include marshmallows, baked potatoes, and corn on the cob, just to mention a few. Plan a surprise DJ concert for your guest in the middle of a party to take the temperature even higher.

  • 80’s Themed Party

Speaking of great music, one cannot make the grave mistake of not motioning the era of the greatest music (arguably). An 80’s themed teenage party Melbourne will not be the same if there is no DJ to churn out the classics that will literally make every leg shake and shoulder bop, to say the least. This party is also the perfect opportunity for fashion lovers to bring out their neons from the wardrobe and make use of their loudest make-up palettes blatantly. Contests like break dancing, air guitar, and moonwalk will only make the party wilder, which is the goal here. Do not forget the disco ball in the centre to take the party from drab to disco in a second.

  • Neon Themed Party

Take the wildly trending neon of 2019 and give a party spin to it. Neons are definitely not an everyday thing, but that doesn’t mean people do not love them. Give the teens obsessed with trends a chance to whip out the neon camis, jackets and joggers from their closet and head to the party. Glow sticks are going to be essential along with a super fun lit-up stage to churn out hits as bright as the theme of the party. You can look for service like “one night stand” where the DJ comes armed with a light-up stage that can be converted into a bar with costumed dancers to take the energy of the party through the roof. You can arrange a really cool glow in the dark body painting area to turn your guest into glowing human butterflies.

Now that you have all these amazing themes to try out, all you have to do is go only to get your DJ service and get the supplies for the reddest party ever.

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